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We are hiring!

In six months of being live in public Beta we have been amazed by the number of industries countries and use cases for which developers want to build dynamic location-based services. We have learnt a lot from their usage and continue to evolve the HyperTrack platform to be useful to them. We find companies of all sizes rolling out apps for their internal users and customers and they seem to have a natural desire to build features that require a continuous understanding of their users’ location. This needs to be achieved with high accuracy low latency efficient battery consumption and managed costs of 3rd party web services. The current location-based services of the smartphone Operating Systems fall short and developers end up having to build and operate a bunch of infrastructure to power such features. HyperTrack exists to solve this problem.

HyperTrack’s core team of 10 people started off in the basement of my home in New Delhi. Members of the team have helped build products at Amazon Google OpenTable PayTM Prezi and several other startups. We are alumni of IITs CMU and Stanford among others. Majority of our team moved back from the US to India (in one instance from Budapest Hungary) to build HyperTrack.  We are now geared to build a team in San Francisco and grow our team in New Delhi. In San Francisco we will initially work out of a co-working space in the city. In New Delhi I suppose we will finally move out of my basement.

We are building a team of developer relations folks to evangelize our platform amongst developers. These are people who compulsively write code to convert their ideas to applications. They love meeting other like-minded developers to help them convert their ideas to products. They find themselves at home in meet-ups and hackathons. This team would help the next big idea become a reality while rubbing shoulders with developers at large companies that do hundreds of thousands of trips a day.

As more users build applications on our location stack the growing data set for trips stops devices events users and actions provides a unique opportunity to continuously improve the quality of service of our APIs – geocodes battery efficiency ETAs inferences polylines and more. Applications can benefit from network data that is orders of magnitude larger than their own data set while fully protecting the privacy of their users and data. We are building a team of data scientists to work on these problems.

Developers are the life and blood of our business. We set out to solve a deeply technical problem for the developer community. The values we hold close to heart are to be useful be original and be global. We love it when our blogs trend on Hacker News or Reddit and when our repositories get stars on Github. We love it when our code makes it into the most whacky use cases that we never imagined. We love it when companies many times our size bet on us for their daily processes and usage. We are looking for passionate and experienced developers to join our team and share this joy.

We are building a diverse team and do not discriminate on the basis of gender age ethnicity sexual orientation race religion caste and social status. We are well funded and backed by some of the most respected VC funds in the San Francisco Bay Area veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and fund managers at large PE firms.

Take a look at the jobs posted on our website or on Angelist and write us at knock.knock@hypertrack.com.