Here at HyperTrack we value working with our customers to implement our plug-and-play location stack into their existing applications and workflows. It is also very fulfilling when we can come alongside them to experience firsthand their challenges and work together to create solutions. OkHI is one of those companies.

With OkHi their mission is to enable the 4 billion people in the world that don’t have a physical address to be included in the same services enjoyed by the rest of the world. Their solution gives them an “OkHI address” complete with a GPS tag and photo of the house’s gate.

The foremost requirement for them was to provide their partners with a tracking experience that could be shared with their customers. When they started in 2014 they were using a different location stack but after time experienced challenges:

  • High latency in receiving the locations
  • Inflexibility in the APIs being unable to develop my features easily with the APIs
  • Reliability of the locations
  • Poor documentation
  • Poor product support

A New Location Solution Was Needed

When they began looking at different solutions they were at first skeptical of our claims that implementing HyperTrack was simple and straightforward but after a short time they were “amazed by the accuracy of location data that the SDK was able to generate while consuming minimal battery.” Once the updated product was rolled out with HyperTrack they began to see the following impacts to their partners:

  1. Significantly increased NPS (Net Promoter Score) for our partners
  2. Reduced the call volume between the drivers and the customers by 11%
  3. Riders love our app “I don’t have to ring the bell or knock on the door because the customer is able to track me live. In addition nowadays I always get a tip.”

We are truly honored to be part of what OkHi is doing and you can find out more about their integration over on their Medium post. If you’re interested in discussing how HyperTrack can help you in your integration process please let us know.