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HyperTrack Live Android App Released to Open Source

HyperTrack is the easiest way to build applications with user movement. We have built our stack to be easy to integrate, accurate, real-time and battery efficient. Now we have made it even easier with the open sourcing of our HyperTrack Live Android app.

Live Location Sharing

HyperTrack Live, formerly called SendETA, was built as a practical way to test our location stack. We released it publicly to enable consumers at large to track their movement through the day and share their live location with friends. The core functionality of the app consists of:

  • Live location sharing – Let your friends and family track you on a map when you are on the way. No more phone calls asking where you are.
  • Accurate ETA – Send your real-time ETA to your friends and family based on mode of transport and trip progress.
  • Easy to share – Use your favorite messaging app to send ETA with a web link for live tracking.
  • Private and secure – Your location and trips are completely private and secure. They are shared only with people you chose and only for the duration of the trip.

The source code licensed under the open source MIT license allows you to take and use our app built on top of our location stack for your own purposes. To do so you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Clone the project.
  2. Get your FREE HyperTrack API keys. You can learn more about how we handle API Authentication and then sign up for your API keys.
  3. Get a Google Maps API Key and add it to the AndroidManifest.xml.
  4. Add your HyperTrack publishable key (found in the Dashboard Account settings) to the hypertrackkey.properties file.
  5. Build and begin live sharing!

We have put together tutorials for Live Location Sharing and At-home Service Visits as examples of how to use this source code within your application. We are excited to be able to open source HyperTrack Live and look forward to hearing about what you’re building.