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HyperTrack Live with Placeline and Live Location Sharing

We are thrilled to announce new updates for HyperTrack Live on App Store and Play Store. As before you can share your live location with friends through your favorite messaging app when on the way to meet up. In addition we have made the experience faster prettier and more reliable. This update also makes it easier for friends to share their location right back within the same experience. Furthermore the app tracks your location and activity through the day with near-zero battery consumption. Your activities are organized as chronological cards so that tapping on each card gives you the locations of the activity. We call this a Placeline the transpose of a timeline.

Three values drive us in building HyperTrack – useful simple and automatic. The purpose of HyperTrack Live is to demonstrate the capabilities of HyperTrack’s building blocks in a way that developers and their customers (internal teams external partners consumers) can touch and feel. This app is built with the same three values at heart.

Live Location Sharing

Live Location Sharing is useful in solving the daily anxiety of “where are you?”. We make it simple by helping you do this within seconds. You will feel the magic of automatic in its ability to work under egregious conditions of devices networks locations routes and traffic.


Placeline is useful in tracking your daily activity with near-zero battery impact. We make it simple by organizing it beautifully in space and time. You will feel the magic of automatic in its ability to use GPS WiFi network accelerometer pedometer gyroscope and other sensors to deliver accuracy.


Go ahead and get HyperTrack Live from the App Store or Play Store to start tracking your activity and location right away and share live location with friends when on the way. Later this week we will open source HyperTrack Live under the GPLv3 license. Keep an eye out for that.

The building blocks used to build HyperTrack Live are available as SDKs and APIs at HyperTrack. On the one hand apps for work (delivery logistics services sales) use HyperTrack to build order tracking features. On the other hand apps for consumers (messenger social marketplace) use HyperTrack to build live location sharing features. Placeline opens a powerful new dimension for work and consumer apps to get user activity data in addition to location. Go ahead and get this data for your app users by plugging the SDK within minutes.