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Open sourcing live location sharing and activity tracking app

I am thrilled to announce the open source project for our location and activity tracking app  HyperTrack Live on iOS. The source code is available under the MIT license with very limited restrictions to reuse. In May we had open sourced HyperTrack Live on Android and received great response from the developer community on Hacker News. We received requests to open source our iOS app as well. Today we fulfill that request!

HyperTrack provides building blocks for location features. Our mission is to help every developer make their imagination a reality. Before achieving this for every developer in the world we started with a few in the company. We started dogfooding our building blocks to build a simple and useful app called HyperTrack Live. With HyperTrack Live you can share your live location with friends through your favorite messenger when on the way. You can also track your daily activities organized as chronological cards so that tapping on each card gives you the locations of the activity. The idea was to built something that we would use in our daily lives. At the same time we could take our code out for a test drive on the same day as writing it.


Read this blog to learn more about the major updates we pushed on HyperTrack Live recently.

Why open source?

HyperTrack is only limited by the collective imagination of the developer community to use location in their apps. Sharing expands imagination. Putting things in open means a wider community can help spur innovation. And what better than to open source our test app that can server as a starter app for developers starting off on their journey. We are eager to see where this journey leads us. For example I would be really excited to see the possibilities when ARKit meets HyperTrack.

We welcome contributions from the community to make the app better and furthermore to make our stack better. This will help us improve our building blocks and in turn push ourselves to give the best to the community.

Go fork it 🙂

Do check out our open source code for iOS and Android. To run the app you will need a ‘publishable key’ (authentication token) which you get upon signing up with HyperTrack. Please create a GitHub issue if you face any trouble with the code and we will be sure to resolve it quickly.  We can’t wait to hear what you have to say and see what you can build with HyperTrack. If you build something interesting we would love to showcase your work on our blog! :).