The order is on its way. The clock is ticking. There is a diversion due to the roadblock. OMW is about to become OMG. The customer is waiting. The supervisor will make a call if it's not marked done by the scheduled time. Answering the call to explain the situation will be stressful. Finding a way to get to the customer in time is more stressful.

Share live location with the customer and supervisor when on the way. All anxieties get a relief.

Deliveries, services, sales, transport, and anything that's on the way can relieve anxieties by sharing live location.

Here's another situation.

A potential tenant is on the way. The landlord needs to leave work and be there in time to receive the prospect. Leaving too early would mean time lost at work. Leaving too late would mean a less than favorable experience for the prospect. The race condition of who calls whom and when is it polite to do so creates more stress.

They share live location with each other when on the way. All anxieties get a relief.

Buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords, guests and hosts, riders and drivers, couples on the first date, and any peer-to-peer app can relieve anxieties by sharing live location.

Wait, isn't this a solved problem?

Consumers use Whatsapp, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Waze or similar apps to share live location using that app.

This sample app (Android, iOS) is for developers who want to build this experience in their app without investing the millions to build and operate this capability like those giant companies.

Besides powering a great app experience; data privacy, anonymity, non-repudiation, exception handling, and control over the data are some of the reasons that developers want to build live location sharing in their apps.

How does this sample app work?

This is a simple app that starts tracking upon granting location permissions (and motion & fitness permission in case of iOS). User can share live location through a short URL sent through their favorite messaging app without leaving their own. The recipient would click on the URL and be able to view live location, ongoing activity, device information and more, in real-time through a mobile-web friendly view.

Sharing live location using the Live app

Holy duck, you have 610 stars!

Well, we first did this about two years ago but this never gets old, does it!

Show HN article from 2017

We trended on Hacker News the first time we open sourced HyperTrack Live Android in May 2017. We then open sourced HyperTrack Live iOS a few months later. Developers found it really useful and use it to build all kinds of use cases that we have never imagined. From oil pumpers in Texas to escorts in Thailand, from real estate agents in Melbourne to truckers in Canada, they all use it.

With great power, came great responsibility. We moved headquarters from India to San Francisco while building a kick-ass mobile team in Ukraine along the way. Yes, that's where my team and I live!

This open source app uses HyperTrack V3 that is a step above previous versions due to better background service reliability on the latest OS versions, and a reliable platform architecture as the backbone.

Can I give this app a spin without building my own?


To get started, you need a publishable key. Get your own key for free by signing up for HyperTrack.

Go fork and multiply

We open-sourced this app so you get a head-start! Feel free to clone and build on top of it.

We are always here to help you in case you have questions. Please reach out through the live support in your dashboard after you sign up. Have fun!