Increase on-time fulfillment rates and automate the process to dispatch orders

Decrease delayed orders by dispatching closest driver

Dispatch orders to drivers based on drive time from live location to order destination with one API call

Search nearest drivers using live location, based to dispatch orders on-demand

  • Dispatch orders to drivers closest to fulfillment destinations
  • Filter searches based on driver profile
  • Embeddable operations views

ETAs and delays with actual routes taken and fulfillment destinations

  • Build apps with the delivery information your customers want to see
  • Location timeline data for ops teams
  • Reporting on delays and outages that impact your fleet

Dynamic route optimization with batching and driver assignment, validated by actual fulfillment data to efficiently dispatch orders

  • Use ground truth data to inform routes and dispatch order process
  • Dispatch closest driver based on availability and suitability
  • Provide ops with KPIs they need to make better decisions on how to dispatch orders and assign routes

"By receiving this data through webhook streams, Traba is able to see workers in real-time and gain apulse on what is happening in the field in an aggregate view without depending on staff and service providers to manually provide status updates."

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