Coordinates are array lists of longitude first and latitude second.


Geotags are important events that is generated by your app user, can captured with a payload that represents it.


Device name

A name can be specified for a given device with the API, uniquness is not enforced on name.

Device Status

A device is either active, inactive or disconnected at any given time.

Active:  Location and activity data are intended to be tracked and being tracked.

Inactive:  Location and activity data are not intended to be tracked and not being tracked.

Disconnected:  The platform is unable to sync with the device. Data recovery for the period might be possible.



Geofences can be set for multiple point of interest locations that you want to be notified about when visited. During a tracking experience the data for distance and duration between consecutive geofences will be available



Metadata can be optionally set to a device, trip, geofence for filtering, selecting, searching or customization purposes.


Start tracking

Start tracking a device with the API.

Stop tracking

Stop tracking a device with the API.

Tracking stopped

Tracking is stopped by the app. The app does not intend to track the device at this time, device status inactive.


Trip with destination

Trip with destination is a part of location tracking experience where a destination for the tracking experience is known before trip creation.



Webhooks let you subscribe to a real-time stream of location, and trip status data generated by HyperTrack. Rather than making an API call, HyperTrack can send an HTTPS request to an endpoint that you specify. Events are published for all devices associated with the account.