Guides provide step-by-step instructions for the most common use cases built with HyperTrack.

  • Track distance for financial payouts: Actual distances covered by app users is an important input to financial systems for field operations. Choose from the various options to track distance with HyperTrack.

  • Track live route and ETA to destination: Order tracking with live location is a popular use case across industries and regions. This guide covers everything you need to know about live order tracking to improve customer experience, proactively handle delays and no-shows, reduce customer support costs and improve ops efficiency.

  • Track arrival, exit, route to geofences: Arrivals, exits, time spent and route to field visits is a popular use case for field force automation. This guide covers everything you need to know about visits tracking to measure productivity, improve efficiency, and provide visibility to ops managers and executives.

  • Track work day with geotags: Tagging work as it happens in the app is one of the simplest and effective ways to manage the fleet. This guide helps you integrate geotags through your SDK, and may be used in tandem with trips and geofences as well.

  • Track progress with Scoreboard: Scoreboard provides an overall view of how operations are progressing with the ability to review historic data for comparison. Drill downs are availabe for trips, geotags, and geofences. Scoreboards may be generated and embedded for selected groups of users.

  • Get insights from tracked data: Insights provide reports for app users, trips, geofences and geotags. Data may be grouped by profile and visualized on the map. Use this guide to get CSV exports or gzipped JSON for tracked data with various options.

  • Dispatch work to nearby devices: Live location is an important input to an on-demand dispatch algorithm to assign work to the nearest available app user. Use this guide to assign work to the nearest available devices based on their live location and ETA.

  • Manage and track order delivery: Plan, manage, and track order delivery from stores/warehouses to the customer location using a combination of live location tracking and an out of the box order management view.