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Order Planning Setup

Planning orders on HyperTrack includes batching and sequencing orders for drivers using route optimization that incorporates business logic like driver schedules and skills, service times, route start locations, etc. To implement your business logic and constraints, you will first need to setup ops groups and Drivers in HyperTrack to get started. The guides listed below will walk you through each step.

  • Setup ops groups: ops groups in HyperTrack represent the units around which your business operations are structured and are managed through the Ops Groups API. For instance, if your business operates with stores, then each store may be its own operations group. This lets you define business logic for business operations as needed. For instance, for drivers to be eligible to fulfill an order, they must be part of the ops group for which the order is being planned. For detailed steps to setup Ops Groups refer to this guide.

  • Setup Drivers: Drivers in HyperTrack represent your fleet members and are managed through the Drivers API. For each of your drivers you can add their profile, schedule, skills and other information that is used to match them to orders. For detailed steps to setup Drivers refer to this guide.