Automate live order tracking with Live App


Mobile apps are driving the digital transformation of order tracking and delivery.

A modern live order tracking solution must have a mobile app for drivers as they are out and about performing their order deliveries and provide superior customer-centric, live order delivery experience. Ultimately, you want to have a solution in place that answer this question for everyone involved: "Where is my order?"

You can immediately get started to perform live order tracking for your deliveries with live location by deploying HyperTrack Live App to your fleet.


Automate your live order tracking with HyperTrack Live App

To automate your live order tracking with HyperTrack Live App, please proceed to the next sections below.

Create HyperTrack account

First, use this link to sign up with HyperTrack. Once you have done so, you will have your account to automatically configured to deploy and install HyperTrack Live App in your fleet.

Deploy HyperTrack Live App

From your dashboard Apps Page you can add drivers on your fleet via Invite button under "Live" app. One this button is pressed, click Copy link under Share invite link.

This will allow you to send an invitation a deep link to download HyperTrack Live app to your drivers in your fleet.

Identify drivers

In order to identify drivers in your Live App, each of your driver will have device metadata once HyperTrack Live App is installed and starts tracking.

You will be able to use device metadata to filter and create dedicated team dashboards. This would help you filter the views and restrict for each team and their fleet manager.

Review instructions on how to set device name and metadata and make a decision on what works best for your Live App.

Invite team members to HyperTrack dashboard

You can invite additional ops managers to invite to your HyperTrack account. Please use Team page and ensure to select Also provide them full access to the dashboard with tracking data and settings checkbox to sign them up.

Use Trips API to assign and track orders

In order to start live tracking for your orders, use Trips API to create a trip with destination for each order.

Create delay notifications with scheduled trips

Additionally, you want to track with notification delays by creating scheduled trips as explained in this section.

In this guide, you can see how you can empower live order tracking with these compelling features:

Use Nearby API to identify closest drivers

Optionally, to help optimize driver assignment for each order, HyperTrack provides powerful Nearby API functionality.

Nearby API locates drivers on demand, figures out which ones are nearest to the location of interest, and returns them as an ordered list with nearest first. This API can be called either synchronously or asynchronously.

Create live order tracking experience for customers

HyperTrack API gives you an ability for you, as a developer, to create live, real-time, high fidelity, location sharing with your customer via share_url link.

Please see an image below for a mobile location sharing viewing experience in the web browser.

Once your customer receives the link, the web browser will continually display and update the location of your app user's device as it moves towards the destination while ETA is updated live.

Tracking Experience

Please review this guide on how to create this experience for your delivery customers.

Customize live order tracking for your customers

HyperTrack offers powerful customizations for live tracking sharing experience. Please see this section for more information.

Track orders

As your driver performs order deliveries, HyperTrack automatically detects trip status changes, such as, for example, arrival at destination and exit.

You can optionally receive trip status notifications in real-time in your own backend and integrate in your business workflow with the help of webhooks as explained in this guide.

Create live order tracking ops dashboards and scoreboard

Fleet managers and teams can track driver's live location, location history and deliveries in their dashboard through embeddable HyperTrack Views. Fleet managers get access to trip views in the map to drill down more efficiently.

Embeddable hierarchical dashboard integration

As explained in embed hirerchical views guide HyperTrack enables you to create embedded real-time delivery tracking in your Live App operations dashboard. To build such a dashboard, you use inline frames to quickly embed real-time dashboard built by HyperTrack in your application.

You can create the following compelling dashboards that your fleet managers can use a real-time dashboard to view all driver locations and deliveries for the day in real-time.

  • See this guide on how to create fleet manager dashboard for all Live App users in your account
  • See this guide on how to create fleet manager dashboard for selected Live App users
  • See this guide on how to create single delivery rider real-time dashboard

Create powerful Scoreboard

Additionally, as you deploy HyperTrack Live App in your fleet, you will be able to review fleet performance progression with the Scoreboard.

Scoreboard provides an overall view of how operations are progressing with the ability to review historic data for comparison. Visualizations provide a clear indication of trends based on key metrics while focusing on a current day’s status.

Scoreboard screenshot

Please refer to this guide to learn about HyperTrack Scoreboard.

Use Insights

Insights may be used to track the driver's productivity, efficiency, and their behavior, and export reports as CSV.

Create and embed Live App user Insights

Use HyperTrack embeddable daily overview Insights to let fleet managers review aggregated metrics for their teams of Live App users.

Insights Main

Trips insights provide aggregates of your app user's trips performed in the selected time range. In addition to the columns listed below, you will also see your trip's metadata listed alongside, so that you can sort and make groups using it. Grouping by trip metadata to slice your data by the attributes that segment the journies of your day to day operations. An additional group by tag of 'App User' is provided to slice your data by user.

With this Insights view integration, you also enable fleet managers export insights data via a CSV file export.

Extend and build your own Live App

HyperTrack Live App is also available as an open source for you to fork or clone to start developing your own application with customizations that you may want for your live order tracking.

Start development by forking or cloning Live App GitHub repos on Android or iOS.



If you have questions or comments on any of the topics above, please do not hesitate to contact us.