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With QuickBooks and HyperTrack, you can automatically capture and expense time your employees spend visiting customer sites and expense travel time between their site visits.

At each customer visit site, your employees can make notes in their app in real-time. Your operations managers get full visibility where their employees are at any given moment, and at the same time can audit notes they make in their dashboard on the map. Each of their visit time and metadata are sent to QuickBooks as time activity. You can use QuickBooks reports to pull down their accurate, automatically captured, travel time and distance and easily automate payouts.

Setup your HyperTrack account to integrate with QuickBooks

Once you logged into HyperTrack Dashboard, please go to Setup page and scroll to the bottom of the page.

QuickBooks Setup

Once you click on Connect to QuickBooks button, you will be prompted to go through an authentication flow to authorize HyperTrack to access your QuickBooks account.

QuickBooks Disconnect Setup

Once you completed QuickBooks authentication flow, you will be presented with QuickBooks disconnect button that gives you an option to remove HyperTrack integration.

Distribute Visits App to your employees

Once you configured QuickBooks integration, you can start automatically tracking your employees visits and travel distance by distributing HyperTrack Visits App.

Please go to Team page and click "Add a new member". You will be presented with this screen as shown below:

QuickBooks Invitation

Enter email address of your employee as it's recorded in your QuickBooks account payroll.


Your employee email address should already be recorded in your QuickBooks account so that you can automatically start tracking your employee visits and travel distance. Once your employee installs Visits App and starts tracking and performing visits, your QuickBooks account will receive time activity and expense data from HyperTrack.

Installing Visits App

Once your employee receives an invitation email and clicks on the deep link, Visits App installation will automatically detect the email address and configure the app to work together with your HyperTrack and QuickBooks integration.


Once the app installs and loads, it will process deep link data from the invitation and connect your employee's email address as primary identity to your HyperTrack account. In some cases, this may take time before screens below are loaded.

Your employee will go through some of the following screens to get started tracking with HyperTrack:

QuickBooks Open Link

QuickBooks Allow Location Access

Once your employee grants location and motion permissions in the app, the app is ready to use.

Using Visits App

Visits App will only start tracking once your employee starts the work shift. Once the work shift is completed, your employee can stop tracking location for the day.

Tracking during the work day

At the start of work day, your employee is presented with this screen as shown below:

QuickBooks Clockin

Once "Clock in" button is pressed, Visits App starts tracking and will track distance from the location where the employee currently is to the first visit destination. Your operations manager can track your employee's device tracking live in HyperTrack Dashboard.

Site visits

Once the employee arrives at the site, "Check in" button is pressed.

This generates a geotag record that can be observed in HyperTrack dashboard.

In addition, if the employee traveled to the customer site, HyperTrack will generate an Expense record in your QuickBooks account for the employee.

QuickBooks Add Visit

QuickBooks New Visit

Upon the completion of the customer site visit, your employee can press "Check out" button to mark the completion of the visit. Once this is done, HyperTrack will generate a time activity record for the employee in your QuickBooks account.

QuickBooks Checkout

QuickBooks Completed Visits

At the end of the work day, the employee can end the work shift by pressing the "Clock out" button. At this point, the app will stop tracking.

Review QuickBooks reports

Your employee activities are recorded the QuickBooks account as Time Activities and Expense Transactions.

Time activities

Upon the completion of the customer site visit, once the employee checked out, each visit is recorded as a time activity in QuickBooks as shown below:

QuickBooks Employee Time Activities

Expense transactions

Once the employee arrives at the customer site and performs a check in operation, travel distance and duration is recorded and reported into QuickBooks as an expense transaction.

Additionally, once the employee finishes the work day and travels from the location of the last customer site visit, travel distance to the location where the shift is also recorded as an expense transaction as shown below:

QuickBooks Employee Expenses

As explained above, QuickBooks and HyperTrack integration allows you to automatically capture employee site visit durations as well travel distance for expensing and reimbursement.

In addition, the entire location history, including customer site visits, routes taken with travel time and distance are captured in HyperTrack Dashboard.

Review and inspect employee location timelines with Dashboard

As your employees go about their work day, you can your feature-rich map-enabled HyperTrack Dashboard to see their live location, review and inspect their current and historical location activity timelines.

Visits Dashboard Timeline

Additionally, powerful timeline playback feature is provided for timeline history verification and non-repudiation.

Review employee activity for the day

Every visit checkin and checkout done by your employee in the Visits App is captured in the dashboard as shown in the examples below.

Visits Dashboard Checkin

Visits Dashboard Checkout

Track progress with Scoreboard

Scoreboard provides an overall view of how your employee operations are progressing with the ability to review historic data for comparison. Visualizations provide a clear indication of trends based on key metrics while focusing on a current day’s status.

scoreboard build

You can view information on tracking rates, average drive distance, average stop duration, average steps walked, and the devices tracked, including viewing the average route time between geotags generated for every visit your employees made.

Gets Insights from your employee activity data

Use Insights to get an aggregate overview of business operations. Use Geotags Insights to get insights by work logged through the Visits App. Please visits this guide for more details.

All insights are available as embeddable views and CSV exports.

Insights Main

Geotags Insights

Geotags insights provides aggregates of the geotags that have been logged by your employees in the Visits App in the selected time range.


If you have questions or comments on any of the topics above, please do not hesitate to contact us.