Connect with Salesforce Service Cloud


With Salesforce and HyperTrack, you can automatically capture time your Service Resources spend visiting customer sites for their service appointments and log travel time and distance between their site visits.


HyperTrack integration requires an installation of Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) package in your Salesforce organization. FSL allows you to manage customer tickets, work orders, and scheduling. HyperTrack integration works with Service Appointments and Service Resources to help automate logistics operations with HyperTrack Visits App.

Service Appointment

HyperTrack integration requires and works with FSL Service Appointments.

Each Service Appointment created in FSL automatically gets picked up by HyperTrack integration to create a corresponding service appointment geofence in HyperTrack cloud. Once Service Resource starts tracking with Visits App, live tracking generates a stream of location, activity, and health events to be sent to HyperTrack cloud. HyperTrack detects geofences arrival and exit events and update status accordingly for the corresponding Service Appointment record.

Service Resource

HyperTrack integration requires and works with FSL Service Resources.

Each Service Resource corresponds to a tracked Visits App instance via its device_id in HyperTrack cloud. Once a Service Resource is assigned to a Service Appointment, HyperTrack detects if this Service Resource already has Visits App installed. If not, an invitation is sent to Service Resource email address to install the app via a unique deep link.

Integration architecture and workflow

Please review integration architecture and workflow below:

Salesforce Integration Architecture

  1. Upon connecting to Salesforce, HyperTrack requests user's permission to access the organizationa and thereby requests access and refresh tokens via the OAuth protocol. These tokens are securely stored inside HyperTrack cloud. Periodically, once access token expires, HyperTrack obtains new access tokens via previously stored refresh token.

  2. HyperTrack integration polls Salesforce REST APIs for changes in Service Resources, Service Appointments, and Assigned Service Resources every 5 minutes. Results of these requests are translated in the steps listed below.

  3. Once new Service Resources are found, HyperTrack automatically sends a unique Visit App installation link to Service Resource email address. Each Visits App installation results in a newly created device_id for each Service Resource, with preassigned metadata key driver_id matching the Service Resource Id.

  4. Service Resource starts tracking with newly installed Visits App. FSL user may be able to go to HyperTrack Dashboard to view the device on the map.

  5. For each newly detected Assigned Service Resource creation, HyperTrack will create a device geofence for Service Appointment location, via the attributes available inside Service Appointment. The geofence will contain metadata that have keys representing Service Appointment Id as well as Service Resource Id. These identifiers are visible inside Visits App.

  6. HyperTrack Salesforce integration listens to events sent from the HyperTrack cloud. These events include Geofence and Geotag updates.

  7. Each of these updates above are made via Salesforce REST API are fed into FSL for the corresponding Service Appointment record, updating status as well as adding Events to its Activity.

  8. Once Service Resource completed Service Appointment, a corresponding Geotag is generated via clicking on checkout button. This geotag event is added as another Event to the Service Appointment Activity.

Setup your HyperTrack account to integrate with Salesforce

Once you logged into HyperTrack Dashboard, please go to Setup page and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Salesforce Setup

Once you click on Connect to Salesforce button, you will be prompted to go through an authentication flow to authorize HyperTrack to access your Salesforce organization.

Salesforce Disconnect Setup

Once you completed Salesforce authentication flow, you will be presented with Salesforce disconnect button that gives you an option to remove HyperTrack integration from your Salesforce organization.

Installing Visits App

Once your Service Resource receives an invitation email and clicks on the deep link, Visits App installation will automatically detect the Service Resource Id and configure the app to work together with your HyperTrack and Salesforce integration via its metadata setting for the device.


Once the app installs and loads, it will process deep link data from the invitation and connect your Service Resource's Id as primary identity to your HyperTrack account. In some cases, this may take time before screens below are loaded.

Your Service Resource will go through some of the following screens to get started tracking with HyperTrack:

Salesforce Visits App Invite   Salesforce Visits App Open   Salesforce Location Access

Once your Service Resource grants location and motion permissions in the app, the app is ready to use.

Using Visits App

Visits App will only start tracking once your Service Resource starts the work shift. Once the work shift is completed, your Service Resource can stop tracking location for the day.

Tracking during the work day

At the start of work day, your Service Resource is presented with this screen as shown below:

Salesforce Clockin

Once "Clock in" button is pressed, Visits App starts tracking and will track distance from the location where the Service Resource currently is to the first Service Appointment destination. FSL user can track your Service Resource's device tracking live in HyperTrack Dashboard.

Site visits

Once the Service Resource arrives at the site, "Check in" button is pressed.

This generates a geotag record that can be observed in HyperTrack dashboard.

In addition, if the Service Resource traveled to the Service Appointment location, HyperTrack will generate Event records in your Service Appointment Activity.

Salesforce Visits   Salesforce Visits   Salesforce Visits

Upon the completion of the customer site visit, your Service Resource can press "Check out" button to mark the completion of the visit. Once this is done, HyperTrack will generate a time activity record for the Service Resource in your Salesforce account.

Salesforce Visit Checkout

At the end of the work day, the Service Resource can end the work shift by pressing the "Clock out" button. At this point, the app will stop tracking.

Review tracked and completed Service Appointments

Your Service Resource activities are recorded in Service Appointment with Events in Activity, and record changes.


Upon the completion of the customer site visit, once the Service Resource visited the Service Appointment geofence and checked out, Service Appointment is updated as shown below:

Salesforce Service Appointment


Each geofence arrival, exit, and geotag for Service Resource checkout results in the Activity as shown below.

Salesforce Service Appointment

Review and inspect Service Resource location timelines with Dashboard

As your Service Resources go about their work day, you can your feature-rich map-enabled HyperTrack Dashboard to see their live location, review and inspect their current and historical location activity timelines.

scoreboard animation

Additionally, powerful timeline playback feature is provided for timeline history verification and non-repudiation.

Review Service Resource activity for the day

Every geofence visit, checkin, and checkout done by your Service Resource in the Visits App is captured in the dashboard as shown in the examples below.

scoreboard animation

scoreboard animation

Track progress with Scoreboard

Scoreboard provides an overall view of how your Service Resource operations are progressing with the ability to review historic data for comparison. Visualizations provide a clear indication of trends based on key metrics while focusing on a current day’s status.

scoreboard animation

You can view information on tracking rates, average drive distance, average stop duration, average steps walked, and the devices tracked, including viewing the average route time between geotags generated for every visit your Service Resources made.

Gets Insights from your Service Resource activity data

Use Insights to get an aggregate overview of business operations. Use Geotags Insights to get insights by work logged through the Visits App. Please visits this guide for more details.

All insights are available as embeddable views and CSV exports.

Insights Main

Geotags Insights

Geotags insights provides aggregates of the geotags that have been logged by your Service Resources in the Visits App in the selected time range.


If you have questions or comments on any of the topics above, please do not hesitate to contact us.