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Automate Visits Tracking with HubSpot and HyperTrack


With HubSpot and HyperTrack, you can automatically capture time your app users spend visiting customer locations for their appointments and log travel time and distance between their field sales visits.


HubSpot and HyperTrack integration requires an Enterprise plan.

With this plan, HyperTrack app installation creates a custom Visits object in your HubSpot account. This custom object allows to capture field sales visits made by your app users.

In order to track live locations of your field sales team members, HyperTrack integration with HubSpot requires distribution and installation of Visits App.

Install HyperTrack app in your HubSpot account

Follow these steps to integrate HyperTrack with your HubSpot account.

Install HyperTrack app

Install HyperTrack app closely following steps as shown in the video below.

These steps are:

  • Install HyperTrack app in your HubSpot account
  • Continue to signup to create an associated HyperTrack account
  • Verify your email and proceed to deploy Visits App as explained here.

Distribute Visits App

You can distribute Visits App with the following methods:

Use Visits App

Create customer geofences in app

Please review video below to understand how your app users should create geofences in the Visits App.

Geofences created in the app are account-wide. A visit to such a geofence by any app user in your HyperTrack account will result in creation of a Visit record created in your HubSpot account. Every created Visit record will have a Company record associated with it.

Visits App usage

Visits App will only start tracking once your app user starts tracking in the app by clocking in. Once the work shift is completed, your app user must stop tracking location for the day.

Review Visit Records and App User Timelines

As your field sales visits customer locations during the day, you may see Visits records appear in realtime.

You can review visit records for time spent and distance traveled as well as highly detailed app user visit timelines.

Video below illustrates Visits records that are created once visits take place and detailed app user timelines you can access from your HubSpot account dashboard.

Scoreboard and Insights

HyperTrack offers Scoreboard and Insights that are accessible in your HyperTrack account's dashboard. For further details, please refer to the Scoreboard and Insights guides.