Tutorials provide a list of use cases to consider for specific industry verticals like brick-and-mortar store networks, fleet automation for logistics networks, and on-demand businesses like ridesharing, on-demand delivery and gig work.

Each tutorial uses relevant SDKs, APIs and product features to create a vertical solution. Relevant parts of references and guides are included inline to re-use and modify.

Some tutorials come with open-sourced sample apps to clone/fork and build your own app. These are production-ready sample apps available on Play Store and App Store. You may invite your fleet to get these apps using deep links available in your account dashboard.

  • Manage deliveries through stores: This is a tutorial for retail chains doing home deliveries through their store network. As store-assigned assets shift to regional resource pools, and ecommerce orders are assigned to riders on-demand, the role of live location becomes critical in managing dispatch, pickup and delivery. Read more about the supply chain transformation from distribution to fulfillment.

  • Manage on demand logistics: Uber’s business model has given rise to a large variety of on demand logistics services, such as ride sharing and on-demand delivery services. Learn how to build an on-demand delivery app by walking through ride sharing app tutorial. Get started with the open-sourced sample app to build an app for your on-demand delivery use case.

  • Automate logistics with live location: Mobile apps are driving the digital transformation of logistics. A modern workforce automation or fleet automation solution must have a mobile app for drivers as they are out and about performing their deliveries or service visits. Get started with the open-sourced production-ready HyperTrack Visits app while you still consider building your own.

  • Live Location Sharing: Live location sharing has become a default expectation by users when waiting for people and orders on the way, be it ecommerce, deliveries, services, marketplaces, sharing economy, or logistics. HyperTrack is the easiest way to add live location sharing with ETA to your business. Get started with the open-sourced production-ready HyperTrack Live app while you still consider building your own.