The SunPedal Ride - Paris to Amsterdam

17 July to 26 July 2020, 10 days 

Guinness World Record holder Sushil Reddy bike from Paris to Amsterdam with Anuj Karkare, spreading the awareness of sustainable mobility

Day 0: Paris
Day 1: Compiegne
Day 2: Saint-Quentin
Day 3: Douai
Day 4: Kortrijk
Day 5: Ghent
Day 5: Brugge
Day 6: Brussels
Day 7: Antwerp
Day 8: Tilburg
Day 9: Rotterdam
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Now, Sushil Reddy (IIT Bombay, HEC Paris Alumnus and founder of The SunPedal Ride) and Anuj Karkare (IIT Bombay, INSEAD Alumnus) are riding from Paris to Amsterdam for 10 days while meeting the European Cycling Federation team in Brussels, Decathlon Foundation in Lille, Bicycle mayors along the route(BYCS network) and Dutch Cycling Embassy in Utrecht. The aim of this journey is to advocate the use of cycling as a medium of sustainable mobility, while highlighting its advantages. Via this journey, funds raised will be contributed to the organization and the network of bicycle mayors across the world. Become a supporter →

Day 1 - 17th July
''Thank you to Ibis Versailles Chateau hotel for hosting us for pre-ride preparations. A wholesome breakfast later, I joined Anuj at the start point of Gare de Lyon from where we started riding together. Navigating through the Paris traffic, we followed the EuroVelo 3 bicycle route out of Paris via canal Saint Martin. Post lunch, we were treated to the beautiful countryside of North France after Anuj's first tire puncture! After 100+ kilometres of riding, we reached the destination of the day, IBIS Compiegne (Merci Philippe BOUTLEUX). We had a bath and dozed off immediately.''

Day 2 - 18th July
''A much needed rest and a wholesome breakfast at Ibis Compiegne later, me and Anuj biked to a nearby Decathlon store to check our tire pressures and adjust them to the right amount. We then continued along the bike path along a canal towards the quaint little French towns of Noyon and Ham on the way to Ibis Saint Quentin. The weather was quite sunny today with a rolling terrain to ride on.''

Day 3 - 19th July - Saint Quentin to Douai
''An early start to the day saw me and Anuj diving into a healthy wholesome breakfast at Ibis Saint Quentin much needed to fulfill the morning calorie intake. We started riding at 10 am and soon we found ourselves surrounded by windmills and corn fields in the Northern French countryside with a rolling terrain. A brief stop in Cambrai for lunch later, we followed a cycle path along a canal path for 10 kilometres before joining the D(Departmental) road towards Douai. Cloudy weather with a hint of wind in the face felt good while riding today.''

Day 4 - 20th July - Douai to Kortrijk
''Ibis Douai team was very helpful to keep the bicycles safe during our stay. We had a healthy breakfast in the morning and after a quick photo with the team, me and Anuj left towards the Decathlon HQ in Villeneuve-d'Ascq to meet Jean Pierre HAEMMERLEIN, the head of the Decathlon Foundation. Merci Jean-Pierre for your help and support in this journey! There was a notable change in weather today with an increase in the wind speed and decrease in the temperature. After a quick light snack at the Decathlon HQ. We crossed into Belgium today and currently resting in Ibis Kortrijk Centrum.''

Day 5 - 21th July - Kortrijk to Ghent
''Resting today in Gent, Belgium. Refuelling with some much needed calories and starting tomorrow for BrusselWe got better tires in the decathlon headquarters store in France yesterday so we are good with our bikes''

Day 6 ride updates - 22nd July - Gent to Brussels.
"We had a packed wholesome breakfast at Ibis Gent Opera Centrum to get the early energy for the rest of the day. Today's ride was next to the car/bus roads on the highway from Gent to Brussels. We met with occasional traffic but the bicycle lanes proved to be effective to maneuver this traffic with ease. It is so good to see priority given to cyclists in Belgium and a sense of understanding on the road by motorists and pedestrians alike. A journey of approximately 50 kilometres got us to the capital city of Brussels''

Day 7 ride updates - 23rd July - Brussels to Antwerp
''We met the manager of the Novotel Brussels Off Grand hotel, Kevin, thanking him and his team for the amazing hospitality! After a quick packed breakfast, we met the European Cyclists'​ Federation team, Omer and Alberto (Thank you Florence Grégoire for the connect!). It was good to know about their work to increase the EuroVelo Network to encourage cycling in the EU. Omer also mentioned the increase in the behavior towards cycling from the citizens post covid and the long term collaboration work with the stakeholders to keep the biking advocacy going. We then left Brussels towards Antwerp via a mix of canal-side, townships and highways bike paths which Belgium has to offer!''

Day 8 ride updates - 24th July - Antwerp to Tilburg
"We had breakfast at Ibis Antwerp Centrum hotel and started riding towards Turnhout - our lunch spot. Today was the longer riding day of 80 kilometres. From Antwerp to Turnhout, we followed a canal-side path. After a sandwich+salad stop at Turnhout,  we took a bike path - "Bels lijntje" which was earlier an old railway track. We crossed the Belgium-Netherlands border today and biked onwards to reach Tilburg in the afternoon. We are currently being hosted by Purvi Sankhla in Tilburg. We got our first glimpse of the bicycle culture in Netherlands!"

Day 9 ride updates - 25th July - Tilburg to Rotterdam
"Thank you Purvi for hosting us in Tilburg! Tejas Sherkar joined us in Tilburg to bike till Amsterdam. We three had a light breakfast at the Tilburg train station and started biking towards Rotterdam. The weather was cloudy and rainy for most of the first half of the bike ride. Frank Manders hosted us for lunch. Thank you Frank for being an amazing host! We also met Steef de Ruijter, who was traveling in an electric car in the Netherlands and making a journal of her meetings of 'Making a Difference'! Post lunch, we biked along some scenic bike paths, crossed a couple of 'waterbuses' and breezed past the windmills of Kinderdijk. A long riding day of 95 kilometres later, we reached ibis Rotterdam City Centre, our night stop for the day."

Day 10 ride updates - 26th July - Rotterdam to Amsterdam
"After a wholesome packed breakfast at Ibis Rotterdam City Centre, myself, Tejas and Anuj started riding towards our final destination - Amsterdam! The weather on this last day of riding was beautiful - quite sunny and no rains. Headwinds did slow us down on a few occasions but the scenes of the pretty towns, canals and farms made us enjoy the last riding day. Mixed feelings is the best description of this day 10 of The SunPedal Ride - Paris to Amsterdam. We are currently taking rest at IBIS Amsterdam City West and making a ride report to share with everyone!''

Journeys so far:

  • India 2016 (Guinness World Record for longest electric bicycle journey) 7000+ kilometers on a solar powered electric bicycle
  • France and California 2017 – Solar Power International Conference in Las Vegas
  • Iceland 2018 –With CHARGE Energy Branding Conference and IKEA
  • Bangalore, India 2018 – For Intersolar India
  • Golden Quadrilateral India 2019 – on solar electric rickshaw/tuktuk – 6000+ kilometres

Outreach & Awareness initiative:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Electric Mobility
  • ZERO tail-pipe emissions
  • Healthy Living

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