• ‍Leading field service management solution in the Oil & Gas industry has built its oil pumper app with HyperTrack. Visit times and routes are tracked in real-time and aggregate data is used to improve dispatch, routing and incentives.

  • Leading gig work provider in the hospitality industry uses HyperTrack to track delays while on the way to the customer. Operations team proactively manages no-shows, and replays trips for non-repudiation in case of an escalation.

Field service and sales automation apps are driving the digital transformation of the enterprise workforce. Use app location to drive operations efficiency and productivity, and take your customer experience to the next level.

Gig work and sharing economy have changed the way workers earn and customers consume across industries. Location is at the core of dispatch, ops visibility, customer support, billing, and service experience.

"Actioning live location data of field workers is changing the way the field operates in Oil & Gas industry. Live Route, built with HyperTrack, is core to that transformation."

Shiva Rajagopalan

President, CEO


  • Leading courier delivery service in Canada has built its delivery management app with HyperTrack. Regional managers use operations dashboards that map the vehicles on the move.

  • Leading grocery delivery service in Asia uses HyperTrack to understand how time is spent in the first and last 100 meters of an order pickup and delivery. These are moments of highest impact as it relates to delivery time.

Logistics and delivery automation apps are now an integral part of modern delivery fleets. Use app location to automate work so drivers get more done, managers reward top performers, and issues are proactively resolved.

On-demand delivery of groceries, food, medicines, gifts, etc. has experienced high growth post-pandemic. Location is integral to routing, network efficiency, order tracking, billing, and granular operations visibility.

"The asset tracking application is our competitive advantage in the marketplace. We often call it the HyperTrack advantage."

Eric Geiler

Client Relations Manager

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  • Leading bus booking service in Asia uses HyperTrack to power peer-to-peer carpool and bikepool by millions of app users. Product development team relies on our native tracking experiences with live routes and ETA.

  • Regional school bus and ambulance platforms in the Middle East are powered by HyperTrack for live location. This relieves key moments of anxiety for customers, and increases trust and confidence in the service.

‍Ridesharing apps exist because of app location. Regional transportation fleets use HyperTrack to compete with the international players. Niche transportation services use HyperTrack so their teams can spend more time on building their unique proposition, and less time managing location infrastructure.

School bus, commute, public transit and taxi services are increasingly using location-aware driver apps. Location helps track route compliance, distance-based billing, live tracking on way to pickup, and live location sharing on way to dropoff.

"redBus ride sharing platform - rPool is on HyperTrack. HT has added great value in terms of Location Tracking, ETA and integration support for custom views that were to be developed as a part of this product."

"We had to work closely on multiple fronts to get the experience right to our customers. HT’s passionate team really helped us here and were just a message away on Slack - 24/7 to get that going."

Phaneesh Gururaj

Vice President,
B2C Engineering