Leading SaaS solution in the Oil & Gas industry has built its oil pumper app with HyperTrack. Stop times and routes are tracked in real-time and the data is fed into a routing engine to make pumpers more productive.

Traditional software was built for use at places of work. What about work that is on the go? Forward-thinking companies with a mobile workforce are building apps that make work more productive when on the way. Drive digital transformation with location awareness of the mobile workforce.

Pen-and-paper and voice calls are getting replaced with mobile apps to manage work in the field. Merge vehicle-attached telematics with real-time business applications in your application. Multiply workforce productivity by tracking time spent at locations and drives between locations. Automate workflows so workers can focus uninterrupted on the job at hand. Ensure worker safety and reward top performers. Supervisors get the answers they need without interrupting workers.

"Actioning live location data of field workers is changing the way the field operates in Oil & Gas industry. Live Route, built with HyperTrack, is core to that transformation."


Live location has transformed modern transportation, be it urban or inter-city, consumer or commercial logistics. Drivers are using apps to navigate and manage their work. HyperTrack provides everything that these apps need for reliable and performant location tracking.

Enable customers and managers to track live location of drivers with estimated routes and time when on the way. Automate mileage and route tracking for expenses and billing. Track route compliance and build notifications for delays, inactivity, and unexpected behavior. Use smartphone sensors to ensure safety. Map supply and demand gaps to make business decisions. Alert ops managers when vehicles fall off the radar due to permissions or battery. Log historical routes to verify discrepancies in odometer miles.

Leading courier delivery service in Canada has built its delivery management app with HyperTrack. Regional managers use operations dashboards that map the vehicles on the move.

"The asset tracking application is our competitive advantage in the marketplace. We often call it the HyperTrack advantage."


Leading gig economy app in the hospitality industry uses HyperTrack to track gigs while on the way to the customer.

Gig economy is transforming the services industry. Workers are earning more money, customers are getting more choices, and work is getting more productive for all. Unlock an elevated level of productivity and efficiency with live location.

Automate route and time tracking to make gig workers more productive. Proactively handle delays so you can remedy the situation before the customer is impacted. Ensure worker safety by getting alerted when unexpected events happen in the field. Arrival, exit, and delays are alerted to ops managers. Escalated support requests use trip replays for non-repudiation.

"redBus ride sharing platform - rPool is on HyperTrack. HT has added great value in terms of Location Tracking, ETA and integration support for custom views that were to be developed as a part of this product."

"We had to work closely on multiple fronts to get the experience right to our customers. HT’s passionate team really helped us here and were just a message away on Slack - 24/7 to get that going."


The on-demand economy brings everything to you within minutes at the tap of a button. Food, groceries, healthcare and more. Live location is at the center of customer experience, operations management, pricing, and customer support.

Use live location to assign the order to the rider for pickup and delivery. Offer a beautiful tracking experience to customers to relieve anxiety and reduce customer support calls. Empower your fleet with tools to monitor the health of the logistics network daily, weekly and monthly. Provide granular data about time spent on pickups and deliveries for your data science team to optimize delivery time. Customer support operations teams use dashboards with live location of deliveries. Accountants use mileage to confirm reimbursements and incentives.

Leading grocery delivery app uses HyperTrack to understand how time is spent in the first and last 100 meters of an order pickup and delivery. These are moments of highest impact as it relates to delivery time.

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