This is a guest post by Siddharth Sharma, CTO at Care24— India’s leading provider of home healthcare services.

Care24 is a leading provider of home healthcare services in India and as we scaled our operations we found accurate tracking of our care personnel to be a very important factor in service delivery. We already had our own app and were faced with the classic build vs. buy decision. As an early stage company we have to be very judicious with our resources. While we wanted tracking as a core feature in our app building that technology capability is cumbersome and not core for us. We started looking for technology partners for help.

Our search brought us to HyperTrack, which we first chose because of the product design. There were thousands of providers making their own apps and dashboards but literally no one else was making plug-and-play tracking SDKs at the time. We much appreciated HyperTrack’s developer-friendly product which meant we wouldn’t have to be locked into their SaaS. Logical APIs, webhooks, and optional Kafka integration meant we could integrate HyperTrack into our apps and workflows precisely as we wanted to.

Implementation was not as easy as plugging in an SDK though. We were an entirely new kind of customer for HyperTrack where agents are stationary at their jobs for the whole day. This brought out important assumptions in the SDK around use cases and it must be said – HyperTrack team was simply relentless in their approach.  Tracking is actually very hard with competing vectors of latency battery life network and so on. Secondly all the intelligence around deviations ETAs etc are decidedly non-trivial. It was a huge win for us to have the HyperTrack team dedicated to solving these issues for us.

In the end Arjun Piyush Abhishek and the rest of the HyperTrack team helped us achieve our vision of seamless field-force tracking with minimal effort which has resulted in significant operational efficiencies. It was important for our team to track the caregivers from within our dashboard they know and love and not use another system or screen. We were able to achieve that by adding the HyperTrack order tracking view as a widget in our dashboard. The widget lets our customer service team view status of visits and stopovers along with current location and ETAs.

This makes us the first home healthcare company in India to provide a delightful caregiver tracking and ETA experience to our customers.

Thanks HyperTrack!