Last week Hypertrack team was at IIIT Delhi as one of the main sponsors for Women Who Code’s Code-off hackathon. Around 150 students from all corners of Delhi region participated, and needless to say we had a great time mentoring the teams as they burnt the midnight oil.

The hackathon had 5 major tracks (Health, Music, Cyber Security, Agriculture, Tech education) with great prizes for top 3 hacks built across any of these tracks.

There was also a special Hypertrack prize for best hack using hypertrack resources. Once the teams got to work, they were able to discuss their approaches with mentors from Hypertrack, Women Who Code and SOAL – and the real hacking began.

Out of the 37 teams formed for hackathon, 12 of them used hypertrack for real time location and user activity data through API endpoints, visuals or events for the final demos.
Here’s a review of our top 3, starting with our winner:


The winners of hypertrack challenge, this team of 4 students had the best working prototype and a very useful project. The team built an app for Alzheimer's patients to help them recall people and help about their daily routine using hypertrack’s placeline data and geofence. Microsoft’s image recognition library was used for face detection to help patient’s recall if they have met the person before. Amazing work in such a short amount of time.

Nutshell Coders

The overall hack winners, Nutshell coders worked on building a state of the art, modern platform for farmers of today. To ease the pain and pitiful conditions of farmers today, they come up with a platform for farmers to interact amongst themselves promoting the local economy. The platform's defining feature is "Pool Farming", a one of a kind feature that allows farmers to rent/lend farmland on a case by case basis along with many more exciting features. Hypertrack helped in adding a tracking system for a farmer to authenticate path to purchase a service from a nearby place.



This team of students worked on a project to create a heatmap of areas where there is an outbreak of a particular disease. This would help the government to roll out the prevention methods much more fast than the earlier lazy process they use. This would also help people to know about what precautions to take when going to a place where there is such an outbreak (visiting for work/family ). The team used the HyperTrack API to generate heatmaps of the areas of outbreak based on the genuine information by the medical professional whether the person actually has a disease or not.

Other entries

  • Twopointers - App to detect if an accident has occurred and notify family members about last location, status and nearby help like hospitals or police station.

  • Champions - Customers can see nearby vendors and hawkers and their items and prices of the items and can order online. And can track the hawker delivering to their home

  • KlugBrains - Detecting location of sperm donors, sperm banks and sperm customers to make them aware of each other's surroundings using hypertrack and yet keeping their anonymity.

  • Ctrl+Alt+Del - Geo Location based Coupon Distribution and License Generation and Validation.

It was really exciting to see participants imagine and use hypertrack to power their hacks across variety of tracks. Participant from different team had built multiple prototypes in record time, and everyone walked away inspired and proud of their creativity.

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