This is a guest post by András Takács, Development and Marketing Manager at Planning & Trading Ltd.

First, some background

P&T Ltd imports and distributes A/C units in Hungary (where it is the exclusive importer of the Midea brand) and other European countries. It was founded in 1997, before the cloud was at the heart of any well managed business.

In 2009, we implemented SAP. It allowed us to start building robust software for our specific business and operational requirements. This sounds like a pretty standard need today but I can tell you it came as a pivotal moment for the company.

At the end of 2016, we mandated our development partner Konstruktor Online Ltd to build our next generation logistics software. We wanted it to be state of the art, extremely reliable and obviously real-time. Now we also needed a driver app which would use their location. Our friends at Konstruktor Online immediately recommended using HyperTrack for its location tracking expertise, ease of implementation and quality of visuals.

A refreshed delivery experience

Things used to be very manual at P&T Ltd. Entire teams would be assigned to coordinating drivers and communicating with clients. Flows would naturally break from time to time.

It was time for a whole new software and driver app. If drivers would be able to leverage technology, our customers would benefit from a better delivery experience.


The app would have to offer a delightful experience. This translates into a professional UI and beautiful visuals. Our happy drivers would focus on the road but feel taken care of when they’d look at their maps on the screen. This would also improve both safety and navigation.

HyperTrack enabled us to leverage their beautiful maps with clever annotations. Just the right amount of detail. And the animations make it all look so real.

In the logistics world, seconds matter. Being real-time allowed us to be super accurate when sharing delivery time (ETA) with our clients. They get a first message in the morning reminding them about their delivery that day. And a second message precisely 45 minutes before the delivery.

Any last minute change on our side due to route change or cancellation is immediately and automatically taking into account. HyperTrack updates both the maps with the updated delivery pins and the ETAs which we use to trigger the sending of text messages.

Similarly, HyperTrack enables us to geofence each delivery address which means we automatically know when the driver has reached destination. This alert is then joined with the package’s reference (from the driver’s wireless barcode reader) to consider the delivery as completed.


Why HyperTrack?

HyperTrack is not a black box solution which fits just one specific use-case. They have designed their product to be modular building blocks which allow us to create the exact solution we need.

Our own logistics infrastructure is made of complex moving parts talking to each other. Only we knew what we needed. Because we built it ourselves, we can now maintain it when needed over time. It’s their awesome building blocks, but it’s our solution. We’re in control.