Why HyperTrack is investing in partnerships

I’ve just joined the HyperTrack team to form relationships with software developers and build integrations with platform vendors. Even though my first day was earlier this month, though, my HyperTrack story starts further back.

Who in his right mind would leave a steady job to join a small startup during a global pandemic?

I’d recently left the JavaScript software registry npm after leading their marketing team and growing the world’s largest community of open source software. My network brought me to Kashyap and the HyperTrack team through their lead investor Nexus: I had experience and strong opinions about how to market developer tools, and they were building APIs to power entire new industries.

Our 45-minute coffee turned into several hours, and it was apparent that we ought to work together. Unfortunately, our timing was doomed: I’d just started at a larger firm, and the Bay Area had shut down for COVID-19 earlier that week. I walked away. Who in his right mind would leave a steady job to join a small startup during a global pandemic?

Like any good founder, Kashyap didn’t take no for an answer. We stayed in touch, and I learned that this might not be the optimal time for startups, but HyperTrack is the optimal startup for our times.

Why now?

In just the last quarter, more than 33,000 mobile devices have logged more than 8.8 million miles of trips using HyperTrack’s live location cloud. Companies on every inhabitable continent from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurs in coffee shops, in industries ranging from energy production to transportation and construction to consumer retail, are using HyperTrack more than they ever had.

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In the face of disrupted supply chains and distribution models, companies need to know where their colleagues are and how their goods and services are delivered. In this harrowing economy, hard data to understand operations, increase efficiency, and capture savings isn’t optional — it’s essential.

Most importantly, this year’s changes won’t just be a blip; they’re permanent. A HyperTrack customer told me to think of COVID-19 as a catalyst: “People were already turning to fast delivery and getting everything instantly. Companies were going to do this anyway. COVID just accelerated it.”

Companies absolutely must track the movement of their business, so it’s essential to connect developers and operations leaders with our technology. No one is better suited to take leadership in the creation economy. The world needs us.

What’s next?

I’ve managed documentation teams, so I can recognize major investments in docs, and I know that good API documentation proves a company’s commitment to developer accessibility. The first due diligence I performed on HyperTrack was reading its API documentation, and it’s clear that we are, and always will be, an API-first company. We empower developers to easily build software and launch features that weren’t even possible, at any cost, just a few years ago.

But we can do more to lower our technology’s barrier to entry. Companies without software engineering resources shouldn’t be left behind or locked out of HyperTrack’s technology — and they won’t be.

Our free Logistics app is one piece of this: any company can improve fleet efficiency and improve asset utilization without writing a single line of code. Our next step is moving up-stack, to bring HyperTrack functionality into the tools that companies already use.

You should be able to use HyperTrack’s live trip analytics, real-time scorecards, and location-based insight within your delivery management, ERP, CRM, fleet automation, and business intelligence platforms. It ought to be possible to automate distance-based billing or proximity-based customer communications just by flipping a switch in your financial system or communications gateway. You shouldn’t rip out your entire legacy location intelligence stack just to take advantage of new features like proximity scoring and leaderboards.

When partnerships and integrations make it easier to use our technology, the innovations that are possible become nearly limitless.

You can see how a 45-minute coffee with Kashyap would run much longer.

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I need you

In the coming months, I’ll be reaching out to platform vendors, software development agencies, and product teams. (I spend a truly obscene amount of time on Zoom calls.) But: I also want to talk to you.

If you’re a builder, I want to know what it’s like to use our APIs. If you’re a solutions architect or channel vendor, I want to know how HyperTrack will make you succeed in your work. If you’re an entrepreneur, I want your craziest ideas. Let’s figure out how HyperTrack can help.

Find me in our Slack, shoot me a Twitter DM, or drop me an email. We have lots to discuss.

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