Get2Go is an app-powered, on-demand taxi service provider in Qatar, connecting the drivers with customers via a cutting-edge mobile application. They use HyperTrack to find and assign trips to nearby drivers. This is an interview with CTO, Mohamad Alkhatib

HyperTrack Interview with Mohamad of Get2go

Leigh: Can you please tell me your name, your title, and the name of your company?

Mohammed: I'm Mohamad Alkhatib, the CTO of Tatbiq.

Leigh: So if you had to describe what your company does in one short sentence, what would you say?

Mohamad: We have Get2go under Tatbiq, which is a ride-hailing app. It helps the customers to go wherever they want, we provide the cabs all over the country [of Qatar] and we provide it in minimum time that is required to find a cab.

Leigh: What kinds of problems or issues were you facing, before you started using HyperTrack?

Mohamad: Before we used HyperTrack, we had issues with the [driver] location. We did build our system to track all our drivers and to know where our customers are but at times the location tracking services used to disconnect because of what Google and Apple are doing by killing the background applications in case they are using high power. So that was our main reason to use HyperTrack, as it is efficient and well-optimized to handle those things.

Loss of tracking was causing issues to our customers, they couldn't track where has the driver reached and it was affecting us as a company, it was affecting our operations team because they couldn't track each ride, where is it and where is the driver going. Those are the problems we were facing.

Leigh: How did these issues negatively impact your company's performance or your KPIs?

Mohamad: Since the customers were unhappy, it was a big problem for us. Because for us, our customer satisfaction is the most important thing. That's why we always had our operations call them whenever they book a ride, we have to call them and check if everything is going well. And not being able to track their rides was a huge problem for them, because they couldn't know where is the ride, when the driver is going to come to their house, or they had to keep waiting for a call from our operations team.

Leigh: What was the breaking point? What was the moment where you said enough's enough, we need to find a solution?

Mohamad: So we were already developing our system. We kept optimizing it, but it's a long process and it requires a lot of developers' time. When we saw a lot of customer escalations arising because of this issue, we had to take some action, we had to do something to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Leigh: Right, I understand. Tell us a little bit about finding HyperTrack what what was it like when you found them?

Mohamad: We already used HyperTrack before. One of our co-founders had done the business with them and he referred to us. We took it from there, our technical team started talking with the HyperTrack team, and they were well supported. They provided us with everything. We already had direct connections with the highest people in HyperTrack to solve all our problems.

Leigh: Great. What do you feel sets HyperTrack apart from other companies like it?

Mohamad: We didn't look at their competitors. But HyperTrack is well optimized. They worked hard on their products, we didn't face any issue till now. Nothing at all. Even if there is, we already have the connection with them and they will sort that out in a couple of hours.

Leigh: Great, thank you. In your own words, how would you describe HyperTrack in one short sentence?

Mohamad: HyperTrack is a well-optimized product, they worked so hard on it. It helps you track your drivers. It also provides everything about that tracking, e.g. how many minutes they were driving, they were walking, it shows exactly where they were and it stores those data for like 30 days which is useful for us.

Leigh: Thanks. Can you talk to us a little bit about how you and your team are using HyperTrack?

Mohamad: We use HyperTrack in our app to integrate so that all our drivers are well tracked on the streets, we know exactly where each driver is, we know for how long they stayed online, where they went. That helps us actually for our customer safety, to know exactly what's happening. In case there are any issues, It helped us in solving that issue with the tracking.

We are not facing issues related to tracking anymore. Yeah, and also, it helped us with assigning the nearest driver for our customers, since we want to provide the fastest cab to our customers.

Leigh: What do you like best about HyperTrack?

Mohamad: The best thing I like about HyperTrack is the dashboard. It provides a lot of insight, we can know exactly where are the drivers, where they went, we can see all the information about everyone who is using our app. From the driver's side, of course, because we don't track our customers. We can know how long they stayed online, So we know for how long they work, where they went, where are they driving while they didn't have a ride.

Leigh: Is there anything that doesn't quite work for you or you'd like to see improved?

Mohamad: I think HyperTrack is really good, I don't think there is anything that could be improved more than there is in HyperTrack, it's already reached a very high level.

Leigh: So how do you and your team feel after you started using HyperTrack? How did it feel overall for your team?

Mohamad: We feel relieved actually because we help our customers, we are providing them the best service available. They can track their drivers, they can see exactly where are their drivers, they receive the nearest cab using HyperTrack Nearby API. We are really happy about it.

Leigh: All right. So last section here. What results have you seen after implementing HyperTrack?

Mohamad: So after we added HyperTrack, we stopped hearing any complaints from our customers about the tracking and location issues, we didn't have any more issues at all with the location, we were able to provide the HyperTrack map in our dashboard. So our team can also look into the information that HyperTrack provides.

After we integrated with HyperTrack, we saw that there's a lot of problems that we didn't even know about that HyperTrack solved which is all this information that it was providing us, like the online time, where they went. Even if they don't have a ride we can track our drivers, using their Nearby API that helped us a lot with reducing Google Payments. Because it's not that expensive. HyperTrack is great in terms of budget.

Leigh: Great, what features are you benefiting the most from and why?

Mohamad: So the best feature that we are using in HyperTrack is the Nearby API. Since we just sorted all the drivers, they are automatically registered in HyperTrack, we can get the nearest driver for our customers. So wherever is their pickup location, we'll just call HyperTrack and it will tell us who is the nearest one. And it also provides us with the ETA for how long it's going to take the driver to reach them and the distance our problem is completely solved.

HyperTrack is optimized. That's what we were missing. We needed a lot of time to improve our system. Now there is a system like HyperTrack that solves all our problems at once, which proves to be a lot better and saves us a lot of time.

Leigh: Perfect and so the last question here is would you recommend HyperTrack and if so why?

Mohamad: Yeah for sure, I would recommend HyperTrack for any new startup or even a large business, because of the information they provide, the product they provide for the tracking functionality. Everything is great. They have a big team, those who are 24 hours available for us, and we never faced any issue with them.

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