This post is written by guest author, Sumir Chadha, Managing Partner of WestBridge Capital, who led the series A investment in HyperTrack.

Be it the food order placed for immediate delivery, a furniture delivery scheduled days in advance, or a plumbing service to be booked based on the ETA, users today love to track their order fulfillment details live; in fact, it is starting to become table stakes expectation from a company. Order fulfillment and tracking experiences as good as Amazon are expected, even from small companies like a D2C brand, home service, or dry-cleaning service provider. These trends indicate that more logistics tech will be built in the next couple of years than has been built in the last four decades.

Over a million developers worldwide are building logistics automation for deliveries, visits and rides to meet this need. Traditional logistics technologies can no longer keep up with the increase in demand, resulting in inaccurate order lifecycle tracking and driver payments, unsatisfied customers, and delayed product development roadmaps. The growing gig economy and need for same-day delivery in the 'here and now' economy requires re-thinking of this logistics stack.

HyperTrack has just the logistics stack today's organizations and customers need. Organizations can build their fulfillment experience on top of HyperTrack's APIs, gaining the flexibility to design a custom fulfillment experience for their users without needing to develop the core pieces from scratch. HyperTrack makes it easier for organizations to build their fulfillment apps, get to market faster, and deliver great customer experiences.

Companies like Jobox.AI, Magaloop and SpiritZone are already using HyperTrack's API platform to build logistics apps for last mile fulfilment, enabling them to focus on company growth with less location infrastructure to build and operate, all while delivering an excellent customer experience.

Kashyap Deorah, the founder and CEO of HyperTrack, is a fourth-time entrepreneur. We believe in his vision to use logistics technology to streamline how products and services are delivered and upgrade logistics tech solutions through in-house builds powered by HyperTrack as the API of choice. We are excited to join Kashyap and HyperTrack on their journey as they build this operating system for logistics tech.