Last weekend HyperTrack had the amazing opportunity to sponsor and mentor HackTheNorth 2022 at the University of Waterloo and work with an amazing organizing team, and work alongside some of the biggest names in tech like Bloomberg, Deloitte, Square, and more to help over 1000 hackers turn their wildest dreams into a reality. We saw hackers working on everything from ways to make sure your housemates keep the Brita full using social psychology and automated voice and text reminders, entire DIY mesh networks for disaster response, to a request management and routing service for personal support workers to help reduce burnout, stress, and improve patient outcomes, and many many more amazing ideas.

Hackers working into the early hours of the morning

We also had the pleasure of personally interacting with over 200 extremely talented, eager, and curious hackers with a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from high school students that have launched their own startups to university students that are personally taking on some of the biggest challenges we face in society. In our conversations with these young innovators and leaders we learned about what really drives them to technology and what kind of world they aim to build. Among the hackers at the event not only did we meet local students from the Waterloo region but also talented minds from across the globe including Poland, France, Japan, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and India who flew across the world to be at HackTheNorth.

It was a source of personal pride for us to know that our API directly helped over 50 hackers in creating some truly unique applications such as a team that used our precise device tracking information to help student drivers become better drivers by checking things like if they’re speeding, accelerating too suddenly, breaking to harshly, or turning too fast, another team was using our Geofences and Routing APIs to help people detour around any potential active safety hazards or crime scenes, or a team that used our Nearby Search API to create an app that lets you meet people at the same events as you to help people who are dealing with the transition of moving away from their social circles as we come out of a global pandemic.

After engaging with all these brilliant minds, and seeing all the ways that we can support and help to develop them into the innovators the world needs to carry us forward we’re fully committed to doing everything we can and going to as many events as we can to keep nurturing the amazing tech culture events like HackTheNorth create, and to keep paying it forward by providing the amazing support and mentorship we’re known for to the next generation of tech innovators.

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