The on-demand economy has grown beyond delivery services and ride sharing. By the end of 2023, the number of gig workers is expected to reach 78 million in the US alone. This gig workforce includes those who provide a variety of services - home repair, health care, security and hospitality are examples of the array of services delivered using on-demand technology. The platforms that connect service providers to end customers need to combine the power of mobile apps, mapping technology, and cloud infrastructure to maintain stability and reliability for the critical services that take place on these gig networks.

HyperTrack brings clarity to this path by partnering with AWS to provide critical location services to global businesses who require cloud infrastructure that is stable, reliable and flexible. By using key Amazon services, HyperTrack is able to ensure that customers can reliably deliver their on-demand services - from food delivery to temporary event staff. So, which AWS services are involved?

HyperTrack and AWS to Deliver Location-based Services

HyperTrack leverages the following services to provide a platform that helps companies build elegant solutions to the many nuanced use cases in the on-demand economy.

HyperTrack gives teams the fastest path to building location-based solutions for worker mobile apps and operations dashboards. Specifically, HyperTrack’s APIs assist with live order tracking, dispatching orders to nearby drivers, assigning orders and routes, automating work at site visits, payments based on location, and providing visibility to operations teams.

APIs and SDKs to Build Location-based Solutions for On-demand Businesses

All of this functionality is delivered through APIs and SDKS that support planning and assigning orders; and tracking and validating work in the field. These APIs and SDKs are delivered from the AWS Cloud.

Example AWS and HyperTrack Implementation

The above diagram is an example of how HyperTrack leverages the AWS Cloud to deliver location-based technology for various on-demand business models. In all implementations, customers depend on AWS infrastructure for core HyperTrack technology. For most implementations, customers also depend on AWS infrastructure to support mobile apps for delivery drivers and field technicians and real time dashboards for operations teams and field supervisors. These critical applications - mobile apps and operations dashboards - capture the health of the business and the efficiency of field operations at a granular level.

Importantly the Amazon Location Service is a fundamental component of many of these HyperTrack implementations. Amazon Location Service is a location-based service that makes it easy for developers to add geospatial data and location functionality to applications. Without compromising data security and user privacy, teams are able to build apps that feature data visualizations on a map, recommended routes and other mapping functionality in a cost effective manner.  

Building Location-based Technology on AWS for On-Demand Delivery and Gig Work Use Cases

So what does this look like for a business in the on-demand labor space? As on-demand trends have crept into all aspects of life, the workforce has been uberfied and labor marketplaces are  taking the place of traditional staffing agencies to deliver just-in-time talent. Ireland-based Gigable is a leader in this space. Let’s take a look at how they used HyperTrack to level up their operations.

Gigable’s platform goes beyond just matching gig workers with potential shifts. Gigable also provides businesses and gig workers with the tools and technology they need to perform their duties. This includes tools to check-in and out of shifts, integrated payments and invoicing, live tracking maps and delivery management software. By bringing together the best of mobile app development and cloud infrastructure, Gigable provides an answer to the question of how to quickly hire qualified workers for the roles of today’s on-demand workforce.

The Business Need for Location-based Solutions

Having accurate location data is crucial for Gigable. Delivery drivers need optimized routes and merchants need to know where their drivers are at all times. Similarly, Security & Events companies need to know where their staff are so they can react to any situation. Having reliable location-based data is essential in creating a platform built on trust and transparency.

This need is what prompted Gigable to reach out to a partner that had a track record of delivering solutions with the type of stability that could match the needs of their platform.

AWS with HyperTrack APIs and SDKs to Build On-demand Delivery and Workforce Solutions

The technical team at Gigable identified HyperTrack as a partner to help accelerate their development roadmap. They were able to quickly build key functionality to track drivers with orders, give drivers routes and provide all of this information in real time dashboards for operations teams. They used the following APIs and SDKs from HyperTrack:

  • Driver SDK to accurately track the location of the driver as they travel to deliveries
  • Geofences to automate detection of arrival to customer sites
  • Dashboard visualizations to display work happening in real-time

The HyperTrack solution deployed at Gigable is built on AWS Cloud Infrastructure. The core solution components are deployed on the AWS cloud, leveraging the security, reliability and flexibility of AWS infrastructure.

"By implementing HyperTrack, the team was able to build mobile applications that make it easy for drivers to document their activities in the field (...)"

By implementing HyperTrack, the team was able to build mobile applications that make it easy for drivers to document their activities in the field, such that customer-facing teams can see exactly when and where an order was fulfilled. The team was able to build this transparency into all aspects of the fulfillment process. Whether a worker is enroute to an assignment or checked out of an assignment at a client site, this information is available to operations teams via custom embeddable dashboards with real-time data from webhooks.

By using the above APIs, SDKs, and webhooks clients could use data in real-time and in retrospect to accelerate activities in the field and make better decisions for subsequent orders.

About AWS and HyperTrack

HyperTrack’s core solution components are deployed on the AWS cloud, leveraging the performance and stability of AWS infrastructure. Global teams grow their businesses and scale because of the union of HyperTrack’s expertise in location technology and AWS infrastructure.

HyperTrack provides the building blocks to automate on-demand jobs and workforce for hourly and shift labor, field service, field sales, and delivery. Our order APIs for planning, assignment, tracking, and verification learn from ground truth data to improve operational KPIs. Over 300 customers across all inhabited continents use HyperTrack’s comprehensive suite of APIs, SDKs, and webhooks to build solutions integrating mobile,maps, and cloud. Start building with the free trial at and learn more about AWS and HyperTrack at