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Getting started

Experience it first

This is best for product development teams who want to experience HyperTrack in the wild before developing their use case. Get the HyperTrack Live app from the public stores.

  • Get the app on Android or iOS
  • Use your HyperTrack login to sign in to the app, or sign up for a new account through the web or app
  • Add team members to your account and invite them to get HyperTrack Live app as well
  • Use the app to track live location of Trips going to a destination, or use HyperTrack APIs to track the device from the cloud
  • Explore Playground in HyperTrack dashboard


Once you sign up and login into your HyperTrack account, you will find the PlayGround section in your dashboard home. PlayGround lists your newly registered devices and lets you manage tracking on them.

PlayGround empowers you to:

  • Start and stop tracking for your devices from the cloud
  • Assign and change device names and metadata
  • Create and complete trips for your devices

PlayGround Steps

  • Once you sign up for HyperTrack account login, you will be welcomed with a home page where you are invited to add your first device.
  • To start exploring your devices in PlayGround, you may install HyperTrack Live app iOS or Android on your device. Once you install this app on your device, login into your account, and grant permissions, you will see your new device once you refresh the browser.
  • Once you select your device entry in the Playground, you will see blue "Start Tracking" button. This button gives you the power provided by HyperTrack Device API to start tracking remotely from the cloud.
  • Once you press the blue "Start Tracking" button, you can take a look at your HyperTrack Live app on your phone. You will notice that your app will change from red "Inactive" to green "Active" indicator. In a short period, the blue button will change from "Start Tracking" to red "Stop Tracking" button. Your device started generating location events and you will see it on the map as a green dot.

Congratulations! You have now tracked your first device with HyperTrack. As you move along with your device, location data will be generated and you will be able to view your device history in the dashboard. Once you wish to stop tracking your device, you can press the red "Stop Tracking" button and observe that it changed from green "Active" to red "Inactive" state.

PlayGround gives you the power of HyperTrack API at your fingertips and allows you to fully control your device and any other devices registered with your account from the cloud. Team HyperTrack works to add new features to PlayGround, including device name and metadata management, as well as trip creation and completion. All of these features use HyperTrack API under the hood and gives you a preview into creative potential that HyperTrack API can provide to you.

Account keys

Publishable Key

In order to get started with SDK integration into your app, you must use your unique Publishable Key which is available from the setup page on your HyperTrack dashboard. This key allows your app to register your device with HyperTrack and send location data. Please copy your Publishable Key by clicking on the file icon next to it on the setup page.

API Keys

To get started with HyperTrack Devices and Trips APIs, you need your AccountID and SecretKey. These keys can be copied from the setup page on your HyperTrack dashboard. Please copy both AccountID and SecretKey by clicking on the file icons next to them on the setup page.

Build new app

This is best for product development teams who are starting to build an app for their business and want to kickstart with an open sourced app built with HyperTrack for their use case. Fork or clone the app that best represents your use case.

  • Live Location Sharing (Android or iOS): best for sharing live location with ETA to customers

  • Ridesharing (Android or iOS): best for ridesharing, gig economy and on-demand delivery applications

  • Logistics (Android or iOS): best for workforce automation, logistics and fleet automation applications