Add Location Intelligence to Your Shift Work Marketplace, Field Service Management and CRM

Add Location Intelligence to Your 
Shift Work Marketplace,Field Service Management and CRM.

Shift Work Marketplace

Eliminate surprise No Call No Show (NCNS) and delays

Improve workforce reliability by tracking the pre-shift activity from home to the shift location and estimated arrival time (ETA) based on traffic.

Reduce overstaffing and backup/on-call worker payouts.

Backfill the last-minute cancellations for higher fill rate

Search for nearby, eligible, and available workers to backfill the cancellation. HyperTrack-powered shift-work marketplaces deliver over 95% fill rate with real-time matching of the workers with shifts.

Automate payment dispute resolution with indisputable location intelligence

Verify payouts based on live location, time spent at specific sites, and distance traveled instead of error prone manual reporting.

Manage workforce exceptions with real-time visibility, alerts, and a streamlined backfill process

Reduce cost of recruiting by 25% or more by adding live location tracking capability to determine candidate availability.

Field Service Management

Let the client know that the professional is on the way

Provide dispatch notification, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), and a tracking link to advise the customer when the pro is on the way.

Plan the work day for each field service professional for maximum productivity

Schedule and route field visits for each professional, considering commute distance, time required for each visit, and appointment time as applicable.

Manage workforce exceptions with real-time visibility, alerts, and a streamlined backfill process

Document arrival and departure times for each visit to ensure sufficient time was dedicated to the task at hand (a sales meeting or equipment maintenance).

Improve resource planning and forecasting of the field workforce productivity, reduce costs and increase revenue.


Automate distance-based expense reimbursements

No need to manually enter visits into the CRM tool with the distance traveled - HyperTrack automates the visit entries and corresponding distance traveled in CRM for automated reimbursements of the travel costs.

Free up the field service and sales team to spend more time with the customer and less time doing manual data entry!

Increase the weekly number of visits per field sales and service representative

Route the field professional to minimize the commute distance and maximize the time spent with customers.

Assign new visits based on the real-time location, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and estimated time of completion (ETC) of the team member to visit nearby customers.


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