Location AI for Shift Work Automation

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Hourly & Shift Labor

Hourly & Shift Work

Reduce Hiring Costs

Reduce cost of recruiting by 25% or more by adding live location tracking capability to determine candidate availability

Eliminate surprise no-shows and delays

Optimize candidate reliability by tracking arrival and departure times and automating clock in and arrival notifications

Increase Fill Rate

Ensure available candidates match with available vacancies - HyperTrack powered gig work marketplaces fill  over 95% roles vs traditional staffing agencies at 46%

Verify Payments

Verify payouts based on live location, time spent at specific sites, and distance traveled instead of error prone manual reporting

Hourly & Shift Labor

Field Service Management


Make your operations more transparent with data that empowers your operations teams with live location tracking to drive efficiency and accountability in the field


Reduce errors and time spent logging data in the field with automated workflows based on the requirements of your business and operations

Continuous Improvement

Capture the data necessary to understand your field operations at a granular level, answer the important questions that allow your team to continuously improve performance

Modernize Operations

Build the features that keep your field operations in sync with the business, from mobile apps with the best routes for field technicians to real-time notifications for ops teams, deliver the tech to meet the expectations of the on-demand economy

Hourly & Shift Labor

Supply Chain & Logistics

Optimize Operations

Make your operations more efficient by closely monitoring the KPIs that drive your business – from ETA accuracy to On-time Delivery rates – shine a light on the performance metrics that matter

Increase Visibility

Leverage live location tracking to visualize team performance on a per-order basis, build apps with interactive maps for customers and operations teams

Boost Productivity

Empower your fleet with the assignments, schedules, and routes that help them accomplish their job with ease, create mobile apps with custom workflows to streamline tasks in the field 

Speed to Market

Build systems with critical functionality quickly: provide live location tracking, predict ETAs, improve routes based on actual fulfillment data, assign drivers based on availability to build trust with your fleet and customers with reliable information throughout the fulfillment cycle

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