Location tracking is driving forward thinking services businesses around the world to build mobile marketplaces that connect freelance and in-house service professionals with local consumers. Services like home healthcare beauty auto mechanic laundry cleaning services handyman pickup and delivery are booked with the tap of a button and serviced by professionals who use an Android or iOS app to manage the visits.

Live location of such service professionals can be useful to assign jobs based on location, track the visit to measure productivity, share location with customers for a better product experience, and track miles for expense management. Service aggregators around the world and across industries use HyperTrack to build live location use cases.

Our desire is to empower Product Managers and Developers with the tools necessary to implement location tracking and to assist with this we have put together a tutorial covering the following:

  1. Live visit tracking widgets that integrate with your customer service and operations dashboards
  2. Live visit tracking experience that integrates within your customer experience
  3. Location based assignment of jobs to nearest available service professionals
  4. Mileage tracking for expense management and logging of routes traveled

If you would rather watch a video we’ve put that together as well!

At the end of the tutorial a few short steps and at most an hour of your time you’ll be able to track the live location of your service professionals. And if all of that wasn’t enough for you we also have open-sourced our Service Visit Example Application for Android. You’ll be able to fork it add to it test it and even use it as the base for your own thing!

We are excited to see what live location feature you build in your product. Do ping us at help@hypertrack.io once you build one and we would love to feature your app on our blog!