This is a guest post by Raj Gupta Product Manager Goibibo

Goibibo offers goCars, a safe & reliable way to book intercity cars & airport transfers. As an all-encompassing platform, goCars enables users to cover their city-to-city journeys in shared or exclusive cars.

Booking an intercity cars

In today’s age, every user expects the feature to live track the car as soon as they have booked one. We had originally set out to build this infrastructure internally but soon faced questions like:

  • What is the right frequency at which we send locations so that we don’t kill the battery of the device but we still have the latest location?
  • What should we do with patchy networks?
  • What should we do if the OS kills my app that is sending locations in the background?

While reading about these problems we discovered HyperTrack. HyperTrack was obsessed about these hard infrastructure problems and had solved them for the world. We thought of giving it a shot.

To my surprise we were able to get up and running with HyperTrack in less than an hour. Now that we have plugged in the HyperTrack SDK into our driver app we are building several use cases that would enhance product experience for our customers and improve business efficiency.

  • Order tracking: We will allow our customers to track cabs to their location from the time driver leaves the garage till the time the he/she gets picked up
  • Live location sharing: We will allow our customers to share tracking links with family/friends when they are on the way
  • Distance alerts: We will send alerts to our customers when they are about to cross the distance they had booked the cab for
  • Mileage tracking: We will keep track of the distance actually travelled on the road during the trip