When building out an ecommerce business, fulfilling the orders is often seen as a necessary evil. On-demand commerce has flipped that on its head—"what if you could press a button and it shows up the same day, even the same hour?" The fulfillment promise becomes the customer value prop.

Numbered are the days for businesses that rely entirely on fulfilling pre-scheduled orders with static routes. These are traditional systems where happenings of any given day are pre-decided and logistics is just about executing that. Any change to that plan is seen as an exception.

Customer expectations have changed to getting fulfilled today or now, and logistics tech across industries is catching up to that. This goes beyond ecommerce or retail categories, think field service, mobility, manufacturing, heavy industry, financial services, healthcare, really anything that moves with commercial value. It takes an insane amount of technology to fulfill this promise. We help get there.

Tens of thousands of logistics tech builders around the world have used HyperTrack's location APIs to build logistics apps for their operations teams, store partners and end customers. In August, we crossed a million orders tracked per month, and clocked another 20% jump in September. Thousands of unique logistics apps have been built with HyperTrack and touch the lives of over 100,000 drivers, ops managers, stores and end customers each month. What started as a bunch of engineers wondering what if we made all commercial movement in the world programmable, has now turned into the largest community of logistics tech builders in the world.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce the newest leaders to join our movement.

Francois, Ram and Jaymin join the movement

Francois Martel has spent a lifetime in helping customers architect solutions to some of the most complex technology problems spanning apps, middleware, big data, streaming, data center and cloud. He is now diving into the world of location and mapping, helping logistics tech builders transform to the new world order of on-demand commerce. Most recently, he was cloud architect at Pure Storage, where he landed through an acquisition of Portworx. Prior to that, Francois was at Pivotal Software, now VMware Tanzu.

With his deep experience in product management at Amazon serving up the world's largest commerce selection and catalog, Ram Kakkad  now heads product at HyperTrack with a mission to serve the world's largest aggregation of commercial movement. In his entrepreneurial ventures prior to Amazon, he built products that unlocked the human potential through education. The goal of an API is to fulfill the imagination of its users who are building cool applications with it. Ram will use his penchant for education to help our users build better logistics solutions and get it First Time Right.

Jaymin Kotecha has been at the bleeding edge of high growth on-demand commerce. He was part of the business operations team that took Swiggy from a dozen cities to over 500 cities in 5 years. He belongs to the rare breed of people who viscerally understand that fulfillment drives on-demand commerce, and why logistics tech builders are the coolest kids in town. Before joining Swiggy, he was the entrepreneur who pioneered an events platform for local activities in India. Now heading growth, Jaymin spends a majority of his time at HyperTrack helping our user's logistics operations grow at a rocket pace with cool technology.

Francois, Ram and Jaymin join the movement to make logistics tech on-demand. With on-demand, fulfillment is the value proposition and programmable movement is at the heart of that transformation. Logistics tech needs to be built for real-time workflows and decisions, with a continuous feedback loop to optimize and improving productivity. Come join the movement. Get yourself a free account to start building or look up our job openings to come build out the product with us.