I am delighted to share that HyperTrack has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by WestBridge Capital and existing investor Nexus Venture Partners to support company growth and expand global engineering teams to deliver next-generation technology for the $11 trillion logistics market. You can read all about it in today’s press release. I am also thrilled to announce the release of BuilderX, powering the fastest time-to-market for developers building last mile logistics technology for on-demand use cases.

Teams have many options when building logistics technology. Connecting mobile OS, mapping tech and cloud infrastructure can be daunting. These cross-functional dev roadmaps diverge indefinitely and become engineering resource sinks. We give teams a clear path to success with the new BuilderX.

As a last mile tech owner, you are building technology for several user personas. Operations teams, drivers and consumers, each need the tools necessary to manage and track orders throughout the order fulfillment lifecycle. As you make decisions about how to implement these solutions, the choices can be overwhelming—which mobile location and sensor capabilities should be used? Which third party apps or APIs will satisfy my mapping and logistics use case? How can the team build workflows that support specific business outcomes? What is the best way to validate customer addresses, route efficiencies and service times?

We answer these questions with BuilderX. By discovering your goals as a tech owner, we recommend the solution architecture that can guide your tech strategy. After answering a few short questions about your use case, you will be presented with guides to walk you through implementing solutions for your Fulfillment Management System, Driver App, Ops Dashboard and Consumer App, catering to your specific goals and implementation preferences.

For instance, a product owner building systems for a last mile delivery platform may want to accomplish the following with in-house applications:

  • Provide live tracking links to customers
  • Optimize routes to fulfillment destinations
  • Real time views for ops managers

Based on these use cases, Builder X will recommend which APIs, SDKs, Operations Views and Consumer Views should be implemented. In this example, the recommendation could be as follows:

These recommendations help teams focus on the components of maps, mobile and cloud technologies that are most relevant to their use case. In this way, BuilderX condenses the choices that logistic tech builders have into actionable guides based on a recommended solution architecture. See your recommendations today!

HyperTrack APIs help teams plan, assign and track orders. Our pre-dispatch and post-dispatch APIs learn from ground truth data to improve last mile logistics KPIs. HyperTrack provides the most comprehensive suite of APIs, SDKs, and webhooks for the full lifecycle of order fulfillment. Get started building with HyperTrack today!