Device Status

A device is either active or inactive at any given time.


Location and activity data is tracking as expected.


Location or activity data are not tracking. Error codes for reasons are documented in this section.

See this example how Device API provides insight into device outage status. Also, see this example how you can use a webhook payload device status update to help you receive outage codes and act on them.


HyperTrack platform is unable to sync with the device.

HyperTrack is a cloud platform to track ground truth of the device. There are times when the platform goes out of sync with the device. If and when the connection between device and platform is restored, the platform syncs up offline data and updates it for consumption in the cloud.

In the event that the device never returns to sync with the platform (can happen when device is lost or app is uninstalled), the device status will remain disconnected.

Impact: Business intends to track this device and the device has lost connection with the HyperTrack platform. Reviewing and deleting devices that are disconnected for an extended period is recommended.

To understand how tracking status is defined and used in HyperTrack API, please refer to the following: