Allan Njoroge

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Allan Njoroge
Founder & CEO
Actriv Healthcare

Actriv is a national workforce solutions company dedicated to improving the way Nurses (RN, CNA, LPN, Travel RNs) and allied professionals work with Healthcare Facilities and their Patients.

The Origin Story

Allan Njoroge is a seasoned entrepreneur who knows how to act on a vision. In 2016 Allan noticed that healthcare was missing something. He was in the hospital and observed that the clinicians worked long hours and upon inquiry, he found out that some of the nurses were working extra shifts because the facility could not find a qualified clinician to cover particular shifts. 

He previously had the hunch that healthcare was ripe for the type of disruption that transportation had experienced by Uber and others, so this interaction validated his intuition. He then decided to bring his penchant for innovation to the healthcare industry. 

Allan began to test his hypothesis by starting a traditional staffing agency in 2017, gaining traction by placing clinicians in the Vancouver, WA area. Allan realized immediately that the company could scale better if they could deploy the type of technology used by popular on-demand apps, like Uber. In the meantime, the team stitched together a rudimentary solution based on a list of qualified nurses, Google Hangouts, and text messages.  

[We used] this Google Hangout solution and we sent so many text messages that google shut us down. So I had to find another way[…]We would curate a list of shifts and then put them in an app and ask an RN to say yes or no. So we would send a batch of shifts and ask nurses to say yes to that batch or no. We didn't give the option to just pick from each one of them. And that was a game changer for us because people just started picking up shifts.

Understanding the goals and behaviors of the nurses on the list was instrumental to the rapid growth the company experienced. This informed Allan’s vision to build an actual platform that would extend options and resources to nurses while providing facilities with the best talent available. 

So in 2019, I did an acquihire of another company out of Tacoma. And rebranded that company to the name that I wanted it to be, which was Actriv. And then right around the end of 2019, we launched our first app and completely merged the two companies, and rebranded as Actriv

The 2019, after acquiring a local company, Allan rebranded the combined entity as Actriv – a name that blended part of the original company name (Act Staffing) with a Kenyan term that indicates security, confidence, and caretaking (riv). 

After the acquisition, they launched the app as the COVID pandemic was impacting healthcare facilities in the area, which forced the company to learn quickly and scale fast due to the extreme circumstances. Launching at this pivotal moment was difficult but it underscored the importance of providing choice for clinicians while allowing healthcare facilities to quickly tap into qualified talent pools to fill critical requirements on an on-demand basis. These early learning experiences gave Actriv the foundation to both prove themselves and demonstrate their commitment to solving these challenges for healthcare facilities.

What’s Unique about Actriv

And for us, the primary goal was to not just give you the freedom and flexibility to pick your shifts, but we wanted to completely reimagine the way people work and not lose any of the benefits.

Actriv believes that quality healthcare begins with staffing, their cutting-edge technology matches healthcare professionals with shifts that fit their lifestyles and ensures that healthcare facilities have on-demand shift coverage to deliver the highest quality care to patients.

Actriv delivers the best of both worlds for clinicians on their platform – they have the benefits of a permanent position, but the flexibility to choose when to work, where to work, and which types of roles they are interested in. With competitive wages, full dental, vision, and medical insurance, malpractice insurance, continuing education, paid vacation, and sick time, Actriv is a preferred platform for many healthcare professionals seeking to have more control over their schedules. 

Actriv’s mission is to help healthcare facilities across the nation deliver quality patient care. The organization is led by H.E.A.R.T centric Values [our values spell as the word Heart] that include humility, effort with impact, accountability, respect, and transparency, which are embedded in everything they do – from recruiting top-notch clinicians to onboarding, credentialing, and training, to providing 24/7 day-to-day support.

The Solution

Actriv believes that quality healthcare begins with staffing, so matching the best clinician with the right healthcare facility is central to their solution. Actriv finds high-quality nursing professionals for long-term assignments, last-minute requirements, and hard-to-find requests. 

For clinicians

The Actriv platform helps clinicians make an impact by enabling them to build their schedules and choose where they want to work. After downloading a mobile app, sharing credentials, and conducting an interview, clinicians are ready to accept assignments from Actriv’s platform. 

Actriv also provides tools for professional growth and continuing education programs. From onboarding to comprehensive day-to-day support, nurses on the platform are offered the resources needed to advance their careers.

In this way, Actriv provides a balance of stability and flexibility, giving clinicians peace of mind as they enjoy the same benefits as full-time employment, while still having the ability to pursue flexible shifts. 

For healthcare facilities 

Actriv is an easier way to fill last-minute shifts for critical healthcare roles. By partnering with the Actriv platform, facilities benefit from an engaged pool of talent, with clear shift preferences and high-quality experience. By leveraging Actriv’s operational expertise and matching infrastructure,  facilities can provide specialized care.

Actriv’s approach is validated by the thousands of shifts facilitated across a range of locations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Today, Actriv has coverage in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Iowa, Texas and Arizona.

Actriv’s Vision for Transforming Staffing

By supporting the independence and autonomy of healthcare workers, Actriv is changing how healthcare facilities staff teams and provide care. 

Actriv embodies the future of work – a broad talent pool boosted by technology and tools to optimize the efficiency of high-quality talent. In the future, Allan sees the industry becoming more transparent and connected to provide better experiences for patients. 

In the world of healthcare staffing, there will be an evolution towards a need for connectivity between the various tools of on-demand work for healthcare to be more connected to the needs of the patient.

The high demand for nurses means that healthcare leaders will need to support the ability to work full- or part-time in various environments. Actriv’s innovation provides a model for healthcare organizations that need to support flexibility while giving patients high-quality care and continuity. As the industry evolves, we can certainly depend on Allan and his team to meet the challenges of the future.

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