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Top 50 Leaders

Shaping the Gig Economy

$2 T In 2020
$3.8 T In 2022
$20 T Expected
in 2030

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The growth of the gig work economy is led by key companies and leaders who have the vision to innovate – creating a remarkable $3.8 Trillion in revenue in 2022 from $2 Trillion in only two years. The predictions continue to rise, expecting a market size of $20 Trillion in 2030.

We want to celebrate the leaders and innovators who are accelerating change in the gig economy, shaping the shift of work from scheduled to on-demand, and driving the transformation from manual processes to tech-enabled workflows ushering in the efficiency of digital automation.

Selection Process

Nomination For the Award

An employee or a partner nominates the leader for the award. Nominations close on February 16, 2024

Nomination Acceptance

Nominee accepts the nomination and provides additional information

Public Voting

Public voting for the selection of the winner. Voting continues through 2024 as more winners are announced each week starting on March 13th

Winner Announcement

Top 50 leaders will be announced based on three criteria - industry leadership, technology, and votes. winners will be announced every two weeks, starting on March 13, 2024


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