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Billy Milam

As workforce specialists, Employbridge provides value-added workforce solutions and job opportunities through focused specialty divisions including ResourceMFG, ProLogistix, ProDrivers, Select, RemX, Westaff, and Remedy.

The Origin Story

Employbridge's mission is to champion people and unlock potential, focusing on building bridges between talent and organizations to help both perform and thrive in the evolving workforce landscape. They've grown their reach and expertise through acquisitions, like Hire Dynamics in 2021. This combination of established brands and a focus on digital tools has made them the leading industrial staffing provider in the US.

Founded nearly 30 years ago, Employbridge was established to build a bridge to better where talent, innovation, and insights help people and organizations perform and thrive. Since its founding, Employbridge has ushered in the next era of workforce solutions by growing via acquisition. They have partnered with the best brands in the business to augment their staffing platform to establish significant leadership in the light industrial staffing space and beyond. Within the family of affiliated staffing brands, Employbridge covers manufacturing, administrative, and energy-related talent. 

Now, Employbridge is the largest industrial staffing company in the United States, with over three decades of experience in the workforce solutions industry. The company operates through a network of more than 400 offices across 48 states and places over 440,000 associates across over 17K clients on an annual basis.

What Makes Employbridge Unique

Employbridge targets companies in specific industries (supply chain and light industrial) and positions itself as a company that can leverage its experience and technology to provide a good experience for both businesses and temporary workers.

Focus on Supply Chain and Light Industrial

Employbridge highlights its experience in supply chain and light industrial staffing. This means they likely have a strong network of qualified candidates and expertise in the specific needs of these industries.

Technology Platform

They tout their digital platform, which allows for a faster, more convenient way to connect businesses with potential employees This is appealing to businesses that want a more streamlined approach to staffing.

Combined Expertise and Technology

Employbridge emphasizes that they combine industry expertise with their technological solutions. This suggests they can offer the personalized touch of a staffing agency along with the efficiency of a digital platform.

Award-Winning Service

Employbridge has won awards for client and talent satisfaction, which indicates a commitment to providing a positive experience for both businesses and workers.

By specializing in supply chain and light industrial staffing, Employbridge caters to businesses with distinct needs. Their blend of industry expertise and technological innovation, like the Bluecrew platform, positions them to efficiently connect qualified workers with businesses seeking streamlined staffing solutions. Employbridge's commitment to client and talent satisfaction demonstrates its intent to build stability within flexible and on-demand staffing.

The Solution 

Employbridge is an on-demand workforce solution built on expertise, powered by technology. By combining their years of experience and technology platform, Employbridge helps workers connect with opportunities and gives companies access to available staff qualified to quickly accept roles. 

The platform makes it easy for flexible workers to find work and improve their work-life by providing thousands of available jobs with flexible shifts. Employbridge also offers free training and skill-building tools for the workers on their platform. 

Services offered

The company provides a range of staffing solutions, including contract work, flexible workforce options, and full-time placement services for various industries.

Technology integration

Employbridge combines traditional staffing expertise with cutting-edge technology, particularly through its Bluecrew mobile app, which connects job seekers with employment opportunities.

Workforce development

The company offers free skills training, apprenticeship opportunities, and career advancement tools to its associates through programs like the Better WorkLife Academy and Life Skills Studio.

How Employbridge Contributes to the Future of Staffing

Bluecrew’s digital-first approach and sophisticated product offerings further expand the capabilities of Employbridge’s distinguished platform, and we are looking forward to continuing to enhance how we provide unique value for both clients and talent during a critical time for our industry.

The Bluecrew acquisition is an example of how Employbridge looks to the future to connect people with job and career development opportunities while ensuring employers have the workforce they need.

“The new opportunities for growth will come from embracing technology, both client-facing and associate-facing. Most traditional staffing companies seem reluctant to make the commitment and subsequent investment. Yet, staffing is quickly moving toward a much broader omnichannel approach where clients and the workers that we place will demand less friction and greater engagement.”

- Billy Milam 

Staffing is undergoing a shift toward automation and improved transparency for all participants in the hiring value chain. Employbridge is at the forefront of this transformation. 

“I firmly believe transformation comes from being more open to what signals the market is giving you and to have the discipline to rethink how you approach challenges or situations, by not leaning into the age-old axioms that you might have used in the past.”

- Billy Milam 

As the staffing industry pursues efficiencies brought about by technology, we can count on Employbridge to lead the charge and continue to be an example of innovation and focus for other companies navigating the challenges and benefits of digital transformation.

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