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Chirag Mittal
Co-Founder & CEO

At Gigforce, we understand that the post-purchase experience is as important as the initial sale. As a result - our carefully designed suite of end to end after-sales services, technology driven experience and our customer centric approach, ensure that we are not only comprehensive, but also provide the best experience to your customers.

The Origin Story

Chirag Mittal is on a mission to reinvent the future of staffing. Chirag is an engineer with a background in building field service solutions and staffing platforms. Much of Chirag’s experience in staffing is from his time operating Teamlease, which was a platform focused on blue-collar labor within the traditional staffing space

Chirag wanted to use lessons learned and the experience of building technology for staffing to build a marketplace that would accelerate matches for on-demand jobs. Gigforce launched in 2019. As the dynamics of COVID-19 forced significant behavior changes related to on-demand activity, Gigforce found its footing in the delivery space. Everything from household goods to food and groceries was delivered to the home by gig workers. The Gigforce platform was instrumental in supporting this shift for their growing base of gig workers, primarily delivery drivers, on their platform.  

When deliveries began to recede as COVID-19 became more manageable, Gigforce faced another decision in its growth story. With their perspective on the job marketplaces and deep knowledge of the supply side of this space, leadership began to focus on the on-demand jobs within the blue-collar sector. 

Fast forward to 2024, Gigforce has built a large network of technicians who complete home repair and installations for large brands. Businesses use Gigforce to improve the customer experience by providing technicians with relevant skills at the right time. 

In addition to building its network of technicians, Gigforce has a network of over 30 client partners such as Amazon and Tata. With over 20,000 reviews on Amazon, 2,000+ technicians, and more than 200,000 service requests completed, Gigforce is a cornerstone of the on-demand jobs space.

What is Unique about Gigforce

Gigforce boosts the power of marketplace dynamics by leveraging key partnerships. By partnering with brands such as Tata, Amazon, Flipkart, and others, Gigforce can go beyond matching workers with gigs. Gigforce achieves a win-win-win scenario with customers, technicians, and large brands. 

For customers

Consumers often need support to enjoy the best use of recently purchased products. The ability to quickly and correctly install items extends the life of the item and saves a tremendous amount of time for the consumer. With Gigforce, customers can receive repairs easily without handling the logistics and overhead of finding qualified technicians on their own.

For Technicians

Technicians can acquire sustainable income, professional growth, and flexible work opportunities on the Gigforce platform. With the tools available on the Gigforce platform, technicians can display their skills, build community, and collaborate with consumers and brands that need their skills.  


Using Gigforce, large brands can enhance their reputation, increase customer loyalty, and improve their bottom line. Instead of developing their pool of workers to close the loop with customer installations and repairs, large brands leverage the supply side of the Gigforce marketplace. The Gigforce platform helps brands secure the necessary talent to give customers the satisfaction that keeps them returning.

The Solution

Gigforce is focused on providing customers with a full range of services for the after-sales process. Retailers who sell furniture, home appliances, electronics, and other items that require set up and installation partner with Gigforce to supply the talent to complete these tasks. 

Professional installation

Technicians provide custom solutions, providing the exact skill set necessary to complete the job with precision. This efficiency comes from Gigforce’s ability to build out the network of technicians required to have the best match available for each job. 

Home repairs

Technicians on the Gigforce platform enable consumers to receive a fast response to their repair requests, in a cost-effective manner. Consumers do not need to spend days waiting for customer service call-backs or scheduling arrival logistics with the technician. 

Gigforce understands the importance of the post-purchase experience. Accordingly, it has carefully designed a suite of services for all after-sales needs. This commitment has earned Gigforce the trust of businesses, end consumers, and technicians, making the company a key contributor to shaping the landscape of the gig economy and on-demand jobs.

The Gigforce Vision for Transforming the On-Demand Workforce

As a gig marketplace veteran, Chirag sees that the future requires greater serviceability, speed, and visibility.

Customers in all geographies need the services offered by the technicians on the Gigforce platform. So Gigforce will grow with these needs by building the technician pipeline to expand the geographies available on the platform. 

We will launch a feature, that will show a tracker to the customer, to give customers greater peace of mind and know when technicians are en route to customer sites we are also investing in securing more enterprise clients to create a more dense service network across India, creating better serviceability across 20,000 pin codes across various skill sets in our installation categories.

In the Indian market, there is also the need for speed. Gigforce is on the leading edge of creating service windows for consumers who require technicians in 30 minutes or less. 

Customers also desire better visibility of the technician as they travel to provide services. Giving customers this visibility via mobile apps is another technical challenge that Gigforce will address as they plan for the platform’s growth and future success.

These innovations will bolster Gigforce’s infrastructure to remain a cornerstone of the future of on-demand job marketplaces.

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