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Jeff Richards
COO & Co-Founder

With SnapCare’s technology-driven platform, you have the power to take control of your career. Now, you can receive same-day payments, access user-friendly, self-service tools, and choose a job that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and goals.

The Origin Story

SnapCare is an online platform that connects healthcare facilities with qualified nurses to fill temporary staffing needs. They use AI to match facilities with the best staff for their requirements, aiming to reduce costs and improve efficiency for both sides.

Originally called SnapNurse, SnapCare was co-founded in 2017 by a former clinician and technologist – Jeff Richards. With the founding team, Jeff, noticed that the healthcare sector was lagging behind in leveraging technology to improve hiring processes. This caused an inability to staff clinicians quickly and fill temporary labor demands. So the idea was to create a mobile-friendly platform for clinicians to sign up and for facilities to book staff.

Their initial focus was on providing a platform for Per Diem (PRN) nursing, which allows nurses to choose their shifts and get paid on the same day. This addressed key gaps in the healthcare workforce:

  • Nurse flexibility: SnapCare aimed to empower nurses by giving them the ability to work when and where they wanted.
  • Facility needs: Healthcare facilities often need to fill temporary staffing gaps, and SnapCare provided a way to quickly connect with qualified nurses.

However, the landscape has changed since the founding era. As the nursing shortage intensified during COVID SnapCare responded by building their platform to scale and meet the new demand. This led to significant growth and allowed SnapCare to adapt by refocusing on workforce management solutions for healthcare facilities, leveraging technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

“Two and a half years into our entrepreneurial journey, COVID hit. We couldn’t have known that the platform would scale the way it did or predict the benefit of how we interact with social media to sign up clinicians. We pointed it at that situation, turned into a rapid response company, and essentially grew to a billion-dollar company in 2021 and 2022, deploying thousands of clinicians in all 50 states and scaling into a different entity.

In the last 10 months, we’ve rebranded from SnapNurse to SnapCare because we’ve become a broader workforce solution, not just a contingent staffing mobile application. It’s also well past nurses and goes into the entire healthcare clinician continuum other than physicians, which we don’t staff, but do subcontract.”

- Jeff Richards, co-founder and COO

Now, over 300,000 clinicians use SnapCare to create profiles, upload credentials, search for jobs, get alerts, and leverage their AI platform to receive matches with facilities in their area. By optimizing the match between facility needs and clinician care, SnapCare improves outcomes for patients.

What’s Unique for SnapCare

SnapCare initially focused on empowering nurses with flexible work and same-day pay. They've since evolved to address the needs of healthcare facilities too, offering workforce management solutions for cost reduction and efficiency. This dual focus caters to both sides of the staffing equation.

From a workforce management standpoint, SnapCare stands out in their specialization in healthcare allowing them to tailor their services and understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities and nurses. This deep understanding of workflows, processes, and desired outcomes makes the SnapCare solution closely aligned with the needs of healthcare facilities.

Uniquely, SnapCare has built partner alliances that have helped propel their growth and strengthened their network. For instance, the partnership with Incite Strategic Partners, the foremost group purchasing organization in the senior living and senior healthcare segments, will give senior living facilities across the country access to the range of workforce solutions provided by SnapCare.

The Solution 

SnapCare is designed as a purpose-built platform to take the excess cost out of healthcare staffing. By focusing on clinician matches and improving workforce management overall, SnapCare streamlines hiring and reduces costs. 

  • Focus on AI-powered matching: SnapCare utilizes AI to streamline the process of matching healthcare facilities with qualified nurses. This could lead to faster placements, improved efficiency, and better suited staff for specific needs compared to traditional methods.
  • Focus on cost reduction and efficiency: SnapCare's recent shift towards workforce management solutions suggests a focus on helping facilities optimize costs and staffing processes. This is crucial in a market where healthcare providers are constantly looking for ways to be more cost efficient and control expenses.
  • Same-day pay options for nurses: SnapCare's initial focus on Per Diem nursing with same-day pay is a draw for nurses seeking flexible work with faster access to their earnings.

These aspects of the SnapCare solution deliver benefits for clinicians and facilities. The platform improves transparency and speed of hiring for clinicians and gives facilities a wider range of qualified staff. These benefits lead to a better patient experience and improved healthcare outcomes.

How SnapCare Contributes to the Future of Staffing

SnapCare has built a world-class, tech-enabled workforce marketplace that serves the full continuum of care and gives healthcare facilities complete visibility into the right mix of talent. The SnapCare platform will continue to innovate around the two key drivers that streamline workforce management.

“It’s really the shift from external contingent human capital management — the contingent staffing world whether technology enabled or not — into an increasingly pure SaaS product, where significant elements of the business are dedicated to predictive analytics.(...)We differentiate ourselves from contingent staffing competitors by seeing ourselves as constantly transforming further down the pathway towards a technology-only company.”

- Jeff Richards, co-founder and COO

Two-sided platform

Cloud-based, two-sided platform with order submission and tracking – clients have full visibility into available talent from their platform portal and can submit, track, and optimize their total support needs in one place. Clinicians can apply for posted roles, upload and manage their credentials, and build professional profiles to find the best opportunities for their needs and skills.

Internal resource pool

Internal resource pool management (currently offered at no charge to facilities) – clients can post shifts and select from a pool of internal team members. The AI-enabled platform does the rest, making it easy for clinicians to choose and schedule open shifts and for clients to fill their current needs. In a fast-to-follow release, the platform will allow shift posting for SnapCare’s 370,000-plus clinicians.

With these upgrades, SnapCare will offer six wrap-around services:

  • Permanent placement recruiting
  • Internal float pool management
  • PRN staffing
  • Contract local/travel staffing
  • Managed service provider 
  • Talent acquisition services 

SnapCare is quickly maturing to be a technology company that exemplifies innovation in healthcare. By truly understanding the nucleus of the needs of clinicians and facilities, SnapCare is shaping the future of work and patient care.

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