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John Ryan
Founder & CEO

Easily find local, reliable self-employed workers available to work shifts for your business. Anything from food delivery drivers, to event stewards and warehouse operatives.

The Origin Story

In 2018, John Ryan, CEO and founder of Gigable, wanted to build on his observation of new behaviors in the marketplace. He noticed that the on-demand expectations from apps like Uber and Doordash were part of a larger trend. These on-demand apps unlocked a latent supply of workers interested in more independent work styles and flexible work schedules.

I was inspired by super-apps like WeChat while on a trip to China and Hong Kong as part of my MBA. Seeing how well super-apps like these fit into society over there really made me think that there was a gap in Europe for a similar app but focussed on the world of work.

Realizing work is obviously an enormous space, I started to research and became intrigued by the gig economy as a segment to focus on. It was and still is the perfect community to build an app – like the one I envisioned – around; it is fundamentally a decentralized type of work where workers have more control; it is largely made up of younger people; it is growing at an enormous rate, and; it is very fragmented and therefore would benefit from some structure.

John did not want to be a bystander as the waves of change were shaping the future of work. By launching Gigable in 2018, John was able to execute his vision of combining the principles of on-demand technology with pillars of transparency, independence, and meritocratic systems. 

Gigable became the marketplace where independent workers could find a variety of roles – from security and events to hospitality and light industrial – without being signed to an agency. With transparent and fast payments, Gigable also built systems to reward workers who are consistent performers for businesses using the platform.

What is Unique about Gigable

Gigable is both a technology company and a marketplace. Unlike other on-demand gig marketplaces, Gigable is as focused on its solutions for contractor management as it is on establishing a broad network of workers and businesses on the marketplace for hospitality, light industrial, and event staff. 


Within its contract management software, Gigable has built innovative solutions around payments. In the gig workspace, workers need fast and transparent payments. Gigable’s solution allows businesses to easily advertise the compensation for a particular role on the platform, adjust the listing if necessary, and support fast payments for gig workers.

Worker first approach

Gigable supports a fair and secure gig economy. It provides freelance workers with a workplace benefits package that includes digital GP services, mental health care, accident and injury coverage, and perks such as discounts on fuel at leading retailers.

The Solution

The Gigable platform offers a variety of functionalities on their marketplace: shift scheduling and management, live location tracking of gig workers, automated delivery allocation and management, payments, and a two-way rating system on their marketplace.

Contractor Management Software

Shift scheduling: Companies can easily schedule shifts, find workers, match shifts, and assign workers to gigs. 

Live location tracking: Operations teams can use Gigable’s platform to automate arrival check-in, visualize workers at job sites, and create notifications for workers assigned to jobs and specific job sites.

Automated delivery allocation: Gigable’s platform helps operations teams assign jobs to drivers for on-demand delivery.



Matching - Gigable’s platform matches workers with available jobs, with a focus on connecting local businesses with workers in their area. 

2-sided rating system - On Gigable’s platform, businesses and workers can rate gigs, enabling transparency for both sides of the marketplace and ensuring that workers who perform well have a profile that reflects their skill and history on the platform. 

These features drive up the standard for managing gig workers and building capacity for shift work within businesses of all types.

The Gigable Vision for Transforming the On-Demand Workforce

Gigable believes that the gig economy does not have to be a race to the bottom. As a company, they foster a positive, diligent community of businesses and flexible workers, who mutually benefit from an open platform that builds on the values of independence, equal opportunity, and transparency.

The model has to have transparency, independence, and be centered on a meritocratic system. Those are our pillars, and that's what we believe is the future. So I do think that's a wider sectoral adoption of the gig economy is likely in the future. It's just a matter of how quickly and in which sectors it is adopted. And if it's done in a fair and ethical way, I think that everybody wins.

Gigable is a leader in promoting the importance of considering gig workers as core team members. It focuses on building good relationships and paying well to support better experiences for businesses and workers. This approach motivates freelancer retention and helps workers align with the business's overall goals.

I want to create the first fair and honest platform for gig economy workers and businesses. Simple as that, it's time for change, and Gigable will lead the charge.

John Ryan’s vision for the future of work is materializing. As Gigable continues to innovate on its technology platform, its approach toward leveraging automation and transparency to design systems to manage contract workers will impact more businesses in various geographies. In parallel, this will contribute to helping workers achieve the opportunities they need to participate in the growth of the gig economy. 

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