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Kaushik Pendurthi
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The Origin Story

Jobox provides fintech infrastructure for the home services industry. With Jobox, home service professionals have everything they need to run their business finances.

Founded in 2018, the Jobox journey began with a simple goal: to make the lives of home service professionals easier and their businesses more successful.

Early on, Shay Bloch, founder of Jobox had a key insight that highlighted the importance of payments in the workflow of service providers on their platform. 

We cannot take the payment as a separate feature. This has to really be a part of what we are doing. It's part of the workflow. You get a job, and you need to get paid. But then, okay, what do you do with that payment as well?

And it was all different blocks – Square, QuickBooks, bank accounts, and we saw the need to connect everything because it's the same workflow at the end of the day.

For these service providers to truly experience the benefits of working independently, they would need end-to-end support to manage the administrative aspects of receiving customer payments. 

Jobox supports the payment workflows for home services professionals, such as locksmiths, carpet cleaners, and plumbers. Due to this niche expertise, Jobox was acquired by Talus Pay in 2024. 

Talus Pay is a prominent player in the payment processing sector, processing over $9 billion in annual payments. Serving more than 22,000 merchants, the company’s reach spans a wide and diverse customer base. 

Talus Pay plays a significant role in the payments industry, with a comprehensive range of services, including POS systems, mobile payment options, and virtual terminals to support various payment types.

As a team dedicated to empowering home service professionals, this acquisition is a testament to our hard work and innovation. By joining forces with Talus Pay, we are set to scale new heights, bringing our unique technology and services to an even wider audience. This collaboration means our users can look forward to an enhanced suite of features, more robust technology, and expanded reach.

Post-acquisition, Jobox adopted Talus Pay’s approach to offering customized solutions, transparent pricing, and personalized support to boost its platform and scale for its next growth phase of growth.

What is Unique about Talus Pay

Talus Pay provides payment technology that supports business growth for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Talus Pay is a fit for teams that need to simplify complicated payment processes and those that have yet to build a payment platform. 

Talus Pay has a team of solution consultants who can create bespoke solutions for the independent service providers to increase efficiency, drive sales, and boost customer loyalty.

This level of focus for the independent service providers is where Talus Pay stands alone. As a company, they see addressing the needs of the independent service providers as a critical piece to solving the larger puzzle of payment processing that plagues businesses of all sizes.

The Solution

Talus Pay has designed payment processing solutions, products and services that work for a range of services businesses.

With one app, home service providers are empowered to manage their entire business. The Talus Pay mobile app streamlines end-to-end business processes for service providers, from workflow management to customer communications, relationship management, and payments.

Workflow management tools include Power Dispatch, which allows businesses to dispatch and oversee a team of service providers or technicians within multiple locations. 

Payment tools provide service providers with the infrastructure to customize estimates, invoices, and accounting processes. 

Previously, these independent professionals would need to manage an array of integrations, text message and email threads, and costly 3rd party payment apps; they would still spend countless hours accounting just to achieve only a portion of what the Talus Pay platform delivers. 

Leveraging the Talus Pay platform allows home service providers to quickly establish professional payment standards, which makes their businesses more efficient, thereby unlocking great growth potential.

The Talus Pay Vision for Transforming the On-Demand Workforce

With Talus Pay, the Jobox team will scale the technology to serve other core industry verticals, such as auto repair, beauty, hospitality, nonprofit, and service retail.

Scaling Talus Pay’s platform for independent service providers means granular consideration of how they work. For instance, creating a method to verify the time and location of the start and completion of work is just one innovation that can be a game changer for a service provider who does not have the technical expertise to build this functionality.  

Kaushik Pendurthy, CTO of Talus Pay, explains how they use location data to develop solutions that help service providers give customers peace of mind and build trust. 

Our platform metrics are all focused on the completion rate of the jobs. And completion rate of the jobs means we need to be able to dispatch our pro, service professional, as fast as possible. And we use a bunch of algorithms to make that happen. And HyperTrack forms the core of it because we are building all those algorithms on top of HyperTrack, understanding a bunch of their API as a company's North-Star Metric for location. And that's how we use their dashboards; we look at the performance of the individual service professional seeing how they behave when they get a job, for instance: do they start driving towards the job or not? This kind of data is available with HyperTrack.

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