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Keith Forshew

Snagajob is America's #1 marketplace for hourly work. We help keep the world running by connecting over 6 million hourly job seekers with 700,000 employers. We're here to help people take back time through innovation that makes hiring simple, intuitive, and stress-free. A champion of hourly work, Snagajob brings new freedom and fulfillment to workers, while employers find and hire top candidates quickly and easily. For more information visit or connect via LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

The origin story—“Can’t find hourly workers”

Shawn Boyer saw the struggle with the retail business of his parents where they were struggling to find hourly workers. He reached out to multiple companies including UPS, McDonalds, and Walmart to find out how they hire hourly workers.  The answer was consistent. These employers put out a “need workers” sign in their stores and sometimes, put ads in the newspapers which were expensive and not effective in hiring the workers. 

Shawn asked the hourly workers who were struggling to find jobs in their area. Hourly workers were looking for jobs, businesses needed staff, and finding each other was a broken, manual process with a lot of friction. 

From his DC basement in 2000, Shawn launched with a simple vision: connect workers and employers when they need each other fast. No more stacks of applications, expensive newspaper ads,  no more endless job board searches. Snagajob became the digital matchmaker of the hourly workforce, giving both sides the power of immediacy.

Source -  “Shawn Boyer: The Story Behind Snagajob”, Space for Life with Tommy Thompson Podcast, May 12, 2021 

Snagajob grows to become the #1 platform for hiring hourly workers

Snagajob has focused on the core mission of connecting hourly workers with businesses and has grown steadily since 2000 to be one of the top sites where businesses find hourly workers. Snagajob's management team under Keith’s leadership has focused heavily on delivering an excellent customer experience while consistently improving their product to meet employer and worker needs. 

Snagajob's success stemmed from its unique understanding of both sides of the equation. For workers, the platform offered free sign-up, simple profiles, and the immediacy of mobile job searching. For employers, it meant access to a vast pool of high-quality applicants and tools to streamline the hiring process.

While maintaining its core strength in restaurants, hospitality and retail, Snagajob now serves a broader range of industries including grocery, light industrial, warehouse, and logistics. This expansion reflects the increasing need for on-demand labor across sectors. Snagajob keeps the world running by connecting over 6 million hourly job seekers with 700,000 employers. 

Under Keith’s leadership, Snagajob has evolved beyond a simple job board for employers and workers. It offers advanced screening tools, an easy-to-use platform, and data-driven insights to help businesses make informed hiring decisions for any type of labor need. These innovations, combined with Snagajob's unwavering focus on speed and quality, have solidified its position as a leader in the gig economy.

Snagajob’s vision for transforming the gig workforce

Snagajob, under Keiths’ leadership, envisions creating a more transparent and accessible future for hourly work, connecting millions of hourly workers with employers in real-time. This vision is brought to life through offerings like "Shifts by Snagajob," which empowers workers with the flexibility to choose when and where they work, offering industry-leading pay and benefits such as paid time off and referral incentives. This platform allows workers to take control of their schedules, selecting shifts that align with their preferences and lifestyle, ensuring they only commit to work that they enjoy​​​​.

For businesses, "Shifts by Snagajob" provides a seamless solution to fill scheduling gaps with vetted on-demand workers, without the need for commitments, upfront costs, or subscriptions, thereby keeping their operations running smoothly​​. This product not only aims to reinvent how people find hourly work and how businesses manage their staffing but also to improve the overall state of hourly hiring through Snagajob's platform​​.

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