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Lukasz Chachurski

We are the platform for those wanting to take charge of their financial situation. Beyond the search engine or job listings, we give you all the tools needed to take action.

The Origin Story

Appjobs was cofounded in Sweden and Stockholm by Alok Alstrom and Bertan Baytekin, with Lukasz joining as the third co-founder later on. Alok was a former general manager of Uber in Sweden. As the Uber team was in its initial growth phase, he noticed that one of the critical friction points was attracting and hiring drivers.

Finding the number of drivers ready to work at scale seemed like an easy problem to address, but it was not. Users had to take a risk on a new platform and adopt a new way of work. Taking steps to solve this fundamental problem was the birth of appjobs. The founders thought the easiest way to gain attention to these driver positions would be to set up an advertising site that promoted the flexible jobs available via the mobile app – Appjobs. At this point, Appjobs functioned as a lead generation site for talent, assisting app-based businesses in growing the supply side of their respective marketplace. quickly became one of the most comprehensive online indices of flexible work providers, with coverage in over 500 cities across 40 countries and 12 languages.

But there was still a problem. The app needed to be in the actual workflow of the hourly workers to maximize its awareness to this focused audience. They needed a mobile app, which they started building in 2020. With a mobile app, the team could promote available gigs and provide tools to support the workforce, creating its way up in the gig ecosystem’s value chain.

In 2020, the team transitioned to a mobile app. This was instrumental in developing the platform, which also resulted in developing relationships with workers and building out the community of users.

The mobile app was initially meant to be a performance management tool, but it became a focal point for interaction with workers that could drive business results. For instance, gig platforms would offer rewards for specific achievements on their platforms. These rewards would stimulate interest in the platform and drive performance once the gig began.

Over the past few years, the team has continued growing the community of gig workers, matching them with gigs across various popular gig platforms. Appjobs technology has gotten deeper into gig work workflows. It helps gig workers organize their work across platforms, quickly find gigs, and streamline payments for completed gigs. Four years after its launch, Appjobs facilitates over 100,000 monthly matches across 1,000 companies, including Grubhub, Uber, Instacart, and Doordash.

What’s Unique about AppJobs

Appjobs goes beyond matching gig workers with roles. Its tools help gig workers decide how and where they work. Gig workers generate a lot of valuable data, which Appjobs uses to help workers see important information from disparate sources in one place. 

Using the Appjobs Work app, freelancers can automatically track their gig work history at a granular level. This data is organized to help workers compare income from gigs worked, plan earnings, track mileage, and document expenses. In the selected markets, Appjobs Work offers EOR services to gig workers, further improving the efficiency and performance of the workforce. 

Appjobs’ single integrated system uniquely curates information and provides solutions to streamline flexible work. With their intimate understanding of gig worker behaviors and preferences, Appjobs delivers features that advance the future of flexible work.

The Solution

Appjobs gives gig platforms an edge in the market by matching workers, providing people management tools, and the ability to deliver services to employees.

The website matches workers and registers them to the right gig platforms. Appjobs can boost engagement for gig work platforms, enabling them to meet their supply-side needs with qualified and available workers.

Appjobs Work is Appjobs’ all-in-one gig-worker assistant app with Employer-On-Record services, loyalty programs, and many utility features that make life easier and more secure for gig workers.

Underneath the former, Appjobs Gateway, rebranded as Unveel, provides data to power all those features and capabilities. It’s a consent-based data infrastructure layer connected to over 50 gig applications serving customers on all continents.

The Appjobs platform is centered on the experience of the gig worker. By creating a platform that supports gig workers across apps that gives them a 360 view of their work life, Appjobs makes it easy to identify gigs, stay organized, and get paid.

AppJobs Vision for Transforming Staffing

Appjobs sees the future in data. Now, data is used to quickly pay workers, provide incentives, and most importantly, make the most relevant matches. In the future Appjobs will use data for various purposes to enrich the lives of the workers on the platform. Lukasz Chachurski, Appjobs CTO, explains how the team leverages data to ensure workers receive immediate payments: 

We are trying to get better, more accurate, and higher-quality data so we can calculate how much someone will earn correctly. Using data from yesterday, we strive to get a 99 percent assurance that this data will be correct. Based on that, we've developed a product called “daily payments” that addresses the biggest pain of gig workers' lives—low cash liquidity.

With this approach, Appjobs will surely continue to help gig workers meet the demands of their roles on various apps. Popular on-demand apps will thrive as long as gig workers can use them to achieve their income goals while maintaining the flexibility they seek. As the space evolves, Appjobs will be an even better champion for the workers who drive the gig economy.

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