Mynul Khan

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Mynul Khan
Founder & CEO
Field Nation

Field Nation is the #1 labor marketplace for IT field service, connecting companies and skilled technicians to do great work across the nation. The platform enables service delivery teams to identify and work with independent professionals who care about the outcome as much as they do. Companies can build and deploy their trusted on-demand workforce, and technicians can choose work that aligns with their interests, business goals, skill set, and schedule. 

The Origin Story

Founded in 2008, Field Nation became the answer to a problem that Founder & CEO Mynul Khan keenly uncovered — companies were using internal labor resources or national outsourced labor to complete regional project work. This insight highlighted the inefficiencies and challenges in supporting a traditional field service labor model ripe for disruption.

At the same time, Mynul noticed the way people work was changing. Companies had more interest in integrating contract and on-demand labor solutions into their core business to support coverage gaps to address the growing labor shortage and find cost efficiencies. Meanwhile, workers were seeking flexible work opportunities to leverage their skills while maintaining a balanced life.

Field Nation was launched to connect companies with independent contractors for on-demand work, addressing labor challenges and the rise of skilled IT technicians working independently across the U.S.

Fast forward 15 years to the present. Mynul’s leadership has turned a once-budding startup into an enterprise-level offering. Today, Field Nation has enabled billions of dollars in field service work and boasts a full-time staff across the world. The company's headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minn., and it has additional operations in Bangladesh, serving all 50 states and parts of Canada.

With over 1M+ work orders completed annually at 425K+ sites and skilled techs with experience across 20+ service types, Field Nation enables thousands of independent contractors and companies to connect to achieve great outcomes.   

What’s Unique for Field Nation

Empowering labor strategy

As one of the early tech-enabled labor marketplaces, Field Nation continues to build and evolve its platform to meet the dynamic needs of customers and independent contractors to get work done. The marketplace allows companies to connect directly with skilled technicians who represent their brand on-site, improving outcomes. Technicians can also choose work that aligns with their skills and schedule. While some service leaders may hesitate to use labor marketplaces due to concerns about quality and coverage, they offer distinct advantages over conventional labor models, including:

  • Managing and assigning all work in one place
  • Scaling up at a moment’s notice with wide-spread coverage
  • Taking ownership of work outcomes
  • Building relationships for future work 
  • Reducing costs and maintaining control over your pay rates

Data-driven and efficient

With millions of onsite IT and telecom-based work orders creating billions of data points, Field Nation is uniquely positioned to arm field service leaders with market and category insight to assess their current strategies and position for growth. 

Performance data and customer feedback are the foundation for generating and surfacing quality matches on the platform. By understanding in-demand skills and the preferences driving the labor supply, labor marketplaces facilitate faster, more relevant matches between companies requesting work and independent contractors completing it.

The Solution 

The Field Nation platform combines a robust labor marketplace of independent contractors with complete project and work order workflow management to deliver skilled, onsite IT service professionals anytime and anywhere.

The marketplace is comprised of thousands of independent contractors with skills in a variety of work types, empowering companies to find the right technicians for their projects. 

The following describes how the Field Nation solution connects technicians with opportunities by allowing companies to define and post the work, negotiate and contract the technician, and review and approve each work order. To reduce the administrative burden, Field Nation is responsible for issuing payments and handles all yearly tax documentation.  

How to get started

For technicians

1. Create a free profile
Technicians log into Field Nation and enter details about their experience, skills, and preferences to find opportunities.

2. Get found by top companies
Companies constantly use Field Nation to find on-site technicians, searching for profiles that match their skill and location requirements.

3. Work when & where you want
Technicians fill their project pipeline by searching for current opportunities based on region, interests, and expertise.

For companies

1. Post work
Companies log onto Field Nation, create the work order, enter project details and required skills, and receive responses immediately.

2. Choose a technician
Companies can quickly filter technicians according to required job skills, location, ratings, and other criteria. They can vet favorites and choose the best.

3. Review & approve work
Companies can review deliverables to ensure the work meets pre-defined expectations.

4. Leave the rest to Field Nation
Field Nation takes care of the administrative heavy lifting, like issuing 1099s, insurance, payments, and everything else associated with project-based work.

The Field Nation Vision for Transforming the On-Demand Workforce

As the complexity of field service increases, Field Nation sees a future in multiple diversified markets utilizing different skill sets and technologies.

There's a convergence of computing with other technologies, from an HVAC system or an EV charging station to a gas station checkout or audio video equipment. Everything is becoming smarter, creating a bigger and broader opportunity and target market for us.

Field Nation will shape its future by building on its tradition of efficiency and reinforcing its commitment to connect companies with skilled technicians for great work nationwide.

Based on feedback from our service leaders, we know many want to take control over what, when, where, and how they orchestrate their on-site field service labor to deliver successful outcomes. It’s a similar story for independent technicians. They’ve shared that being able to work their way, on their terms, to reach their goals has never been more important. We offer a place to do just that.

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