Nemanja Stefanovic

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Nemanja Stefanovic
CEO & Co-founder

We make staffing easier! HireApp is an on-demand Staffing-as-a-Service solution that immediately connects leaders in the hospitality industry with skilled, vetted, and reliable hourly professionals.

The Origin Story—Building a Community

So we kind of understood that the job board is the dying breed…and we need to be part of that, you know, community building process.

Source - Nemanja’s conversation with Kashyap Deorah and Gaurav Deshpande for the leader’s journey meeting for the Top 50 Leaders nomination, March, 2024

Nemanja Stefanovic is not only the CEO and co-founder of HireApp, but he is also a product enthusiast. He builds products that make people’s lives easier, with a focus on staffing. 

More than a decade ago, he identified an opportunity to address the rising need for job flexibility. Despite the advancements in technology empowering knowledge workers to explore various career paths, he recognized a significant portion of the workforce wasn't yet benefiting from these innovations

In industries such as construction, warehousing, and hospitality, there were evident gaps. Despite the demand for workers in these sectors, companies found it challenging to fill positions. While individuals were open to working, they preferred non-traditional arrangements. Nemanja noticed a clear mismatch: workers sought flexible schedules, while companies wanted to fill roles without providing this flexibility.

HireApp acted as the bridge of transparency connecting these two parties. Starting with the Miami market, HireApp identified companies willing to embrace flexible arrangements. It provided them with access to a pool of qualified workers, complete with transparent scheduling guidelines and relevant work experience. 

Now hospitality brands such as the Four Seasons, Fontainebleau, and Faena utilize the platform's convenience and efficiency to enhance their staff roster.

Freedom and Flexibility to Skill up

For some workers, full-time work can be limiting. Workers with full-time schedules can get stuck in roles that don’t allow them to pursue other lines of employment that might be advantageous to their careers. With HireApp, workers can find shifts in other career paths that might be a better fit. This freedom and flexibility to augment one’s skill and experience is a guiding principle of HireApp. 

Now, they can actually choose, hey, maybe, I am a line cook, but maybe I wanna work in a warehouse, maybe that's something that I feel more comfortable in that environment than, in a kitchen and that's completely okay. That's something that now they can actually experiment and try out, during one, two, or maybe even hundreds of shifts – something that before they couldn't do. It wasn't flexible. If they get hired there, they have to work there.”

Source - Nemanja’s conversation with Kashyap Deorah and Gaurav Deshpande for the leader’s journey meeting for the Top 50 Leaders nomination, March, 2024

HireApp’s vision is to use technology to enable people to utilize their skills to the fullest extent and even improve. By building a pool of qualified workers with this mindset, they have been able to create a community of pros (their internal term for workers on the platform) and business customers whose perspective aligns with the values of the platform. 

If there is any question as to whether this vision has been validated, the proof is in the numbers. In the short years since Hire App’s founding, they have 100,000 signed-up users on the platform and facilitated over 150,000 shifts. Workers have affirmed the HireApp approach by continuing to indicate their interest in pursuing shifts available in the marketplace.

What’s Unique about HireApp

HireApp offers a set of features that accelerate the hiring process and provide quality workers for businesses with on-demand needs. 

Easy onboarding

Workers can quickly be onboarded to the HireApp marketplace. In a matter of minutes, workers have access to available shifts in their area. After entering identification data and skills profiles, workers can find shifts that match their schedules. 

Building a community 

Both workers and businesses benefit from a community of workers who are vetted and verified for roles in specific industries. As HireApp focuses on the hospitality, warehouse, and industrial industries, in particular geographies, they have been able to nurture these highly aligned communities to meet the needs of growing businesses quickly. 

Stellar service 

HireApp is focused on the hospitality industry, so there is a keen predisposition to ensure that both businesses and workers on the platform have a great experience. Workers and clients can gather information about matches, resolve issues, and provide feedback with ease. 

With a comprehensive set of features built to modernize hiring while balancing community growth, HireApp stands apart in delivering on-demand staffing services.

The Solution

HireApp leverages technology to introduce opportunities to workers who are building skills and experience by pursuing shift-based assignments. Their tools and service-based mindset build trust between workers and companies who are seeking their specific skill sets. 

Thousands of registered professionals

Join a thriving community of thousands of users who trust HireApp as their staffing solution. This expansive network of companies and workers means access to a diverse pool of talent ready to meet specific needs in the areas of hospitality, light industrial, warehouse, and other industries.

50% Less staffing expenses

HireApp slashes staffing expenses by half, offering on-demand access to a pre-screened workforce ready to fill positions instantly, ensuring quality without the traditional hiring overhead. Workers are vetted ahead of time via qualification interviews and skills verification. 

98% Shift fulfillment

HireApp clients experience unparalleled reliability with an impressive 98% fulfillment rate, ensuring that nearly every staffing request is met with a qualified professional, ready to step in and seamlessly integrate with teams to drive the business forward.

HireApp provides the flexibility that workers want, as their infrastructure is designed to align the skill set, location, and just-in-time demand to create a community of great people and clients actively engaged on the platform.

The HireApp Vision for Transforming Staffing

I think that the challenge and the opportunity in the future is how to become a completely data-driven business, that is very easily scalable just using [all of our] data and AI.

Source - Nemanja’s conversation with Kashyap Deorah and Gaurav Deshpande for the leader’s journey meeting for the Top 50 Leaders nomination, March, 2024

HireApp has a pulse on the key drivers of their marketplace – the talent. The pros of the platform lead the way in terms of how HireApp is changing the staffing landscape. After building communities in Miami, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta, HireApp has plans to expand into Texas and other geographies. So our goal is to cover at least five geographies just to meet the demand of large talent pools who are interested in the freedom and flexibility of the HireApp platform. 

According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, 82% of hotels report staffing shortages. With such an evident need in the area of HireApp’s primary strength, the company plans to continue building benefits for the workers on the platform. By creating tech solutions that foster strong work relationships, HireApp will continue to enable continuity and cohesion between workers and the companies that leverage the platform. 

For instance – helping workers who have been working with each other continue to work with each other across companies is something that HireApp will focus on going forward. These community-forward innovations will deepen the value that workers gain from the platform, which extends to how HireApp’s clients benefit from these qualified pools of workers over time. 

Additionally, HireApp is always thinking about ways to use the massive amounts of data they have on various hiring behaviors. HireApp has intelligence on the most desirable shifts, least desirable shifts, preferred working days, preferred roles, and more. This data could be used to inform hiring decisions, capture value, and become more competitive in the race for the best workers. 

The past few years of remarkable growth point toward a bright future for the HireApp team. Their innovation continues to build trust, support flexibility and enable thousands of workers to augment their skills and secure shifts that help businesses with their staffing needs.

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