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Nicholas Lillios

One platform to source, hire, manage, and pay your hourly workforce.

The origin story—building a workforce ecosystem

I was interested in how you leverage machine learning and elements of AI to automate the process of managing workforces.

Nicholas was pursuing his Ph.D. when he had the intuition that AI and machine learning could automate managing workforces. It was through an experience working with a large food services vendor that Nicholas became familiar with the challenges in hiring front line workers. The company was struggling to find and manage frontline workers. And once those workers were hired, they reported poor experiences. So both sides of the hiring equation dealt with substandard processes. 

So our platform is oriented around this concept of workforce orchestration, the idea of bringing external and internal workforces together under one system, kind of thinking about, your team as a workforce ecosystem.

He noticed that both hiring teams and prospective employees valued transparency, choice, and minimal effort from an administrative standpoint. In another example, Nicholas witnessed a friend travel to another city to receive a paycheck for a one-time bartending assignment. There are over 90 million hourly workers in the US who have similar experiences of arduous processes to find shifts, receive payment, and other basic details of securing hourly work. 

Nicholas thought that these inefficiencies could be solved by introducing technology to all aspects of identifying talent, matching assignments and managing workers throughout the engagement. By using software to automate the hiring process for frontline workers, Nicholas thought that workers and businesses would benefit from faster matches, better visibility and more consistency.

We started with thousands of hours worked on our platform on a monthly basis. Today. We(Nowsta) have several millions of hours of labor, per month or jobs managed on the platform per month. Nowsta has grown from thousands of hours per month to over a million workers connected with thousands of employers over the last six years.

Fast forward six years, Nowsta has nearly 1 million workers and thousands of businesses on their platform. The tools from Nowsta for hiring teams with a streamlined process have been adopted by a host of companies, not only from the industry that was the source of Nicolas’ inspiration – food service but also hospitality, events, colleges and universities, stadiums and arenas, warehouse and distribution leverage the Nowsta platform to accelerate hiring and manage teams for projects of all durations.

What’s Unique about Nowsta

The Nowsta manifesto is that we believe in the humanity of work. We believe in a better way. 

This rings true in how they have developed the platform to modernize all aspects of hiring frontline workers at scale.  Built with the needs of flex work at the center of their solution, Nowsta enables real-time visibility for scheduled hourly workers and proactively manages callouts and no-shows to optimize fill rates.


Access the largest pool of vetted flex workers nationwide and source staff in minutes through the Nowsta talent marketplace.

Workforce Management

Nowsta is a major upgrade from traditional ways of managing hourly staff. Automation mitigates the inconsistencies of manual processes, multiple work streams, and disparate talent pools. Nowsta simplifies hiring operations and delivers results in the form of fill rates and time to fill critical vacancies.


Nowsta users experience remarkable results. The average time to fill a shift is 8 minutes, with 97% fulfillment rate for hourly staff. Reducing sourcing time and better demand forecasting unlock significant cost savings for businesses on the platform.

The Solution

Nowsta is a workforce orchestration platform that enables companies to hire at scale, all in one place. Managers can build their own flex worker pool, recruit, onboard, and manage the entire workforce on the Nowsta platform. 

Complete Workforce Management

From W-2s and 1099s to temporary, flex, and gig workers – teams can easily manage and maintain all workers under one platform. With Nowsta, teams can hire via staffing agencies, source on-demand talent, and oversee operations – from scheduling to payroll on one platform. 

A Single Source of Truth

Nowsta provides complete visibility into every job, giving teams high transparency. Hiring managers can seamlessly manage any shift, event, or operation across the entire workforce. Employers can source talent through various methods and manage the staff in one place.

Build a custom labor pool

Nowsta provides complete visibility into every job, giving teams high transparency. Hiring managers can seamlessly manage any shift, event, or operation across the entire workforce. Employers can source talent through various methods and manage the staff in one place.

The Nowsta Vision for Transforming Staffing

Now that thousands of hiring teams depend on the Nowsta platform to satisfy their most important vacancies, Nicholas is thinking about the next evolution for the future of staffing.

We're going deep into reimagining user experience, user workflows, and user interfaces to align with a more automated or intelligent approach to staffing and workforce management.

Since it is clear that flexible work is here to stay, Nowsta sees itself as a key factor in changing how companies think about their workforce. Given the platform's goals, Nowsta is a natural conduit for businesses to introduce flexible work to their workforces.

We want to build a much more connected workforce and a much more flexible workforce. So, for industries that are traditionally very rigid in their requirements and have very strict rules around when people work, how they work, how long the shift has to be, and all these different things, we want to open that up.

The future is bright for Nowsta. This trailblazing platform has already made hiring better for thousands of teams and millions of hourly workers across the country. By going deeper into the user experience and improving the nuances of workforce management, the team will undoubtedly continue to innovate and be an example of how thoughtful, customer-oriented solutions can bring much-needed change to an important industry.

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