Novo Constare

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Novo Constare
Co-Founder & CEO
Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex is a revolutionary app for temporary work empowering job seekers with a fast way to find work that fits their lifestyles.

The Origin Story

Novo Constare co-founded Syft in part to democratize access to jobs. The idea started simple – everyday services were being changed by technology. As a former temporary worker, Novo’s co-founder, Jack Beaman, realized that the temporary staffing industry could use a refresh, particularly around giving workers the choice of where and when they want to work and providing more transparency into the workforce for businesses. The pair thought that by introducing technology to the matching process, hiring could happen faster, there would be increased transparency of shifts, and businesses could better align with motivated, qualified workers. 

"He had this light bulb moment: 'wouldn’t it be cool if you could book temporary workers last minute? Like you book an Uber driver?'” - Novo Constare

On these foundational premises, Syft was born.  The company quickly became a leader in connecting job seekers with temporary work across various roles. With a focus on hospitality, industrial, facilities management, warehouse operators, and delivery drivers, Syft launched in the UK in 2015. Over the ensuing years, the company built out its platform to include workforce management tools, matching technology, and service functions that helped businesses streamline their hiring processes and augment staff quickly. Their success caught the attention of Indeed, who acquired the staffing platform in 2019. 

Indeed proved to be a well-aligned partner for the Syft team. The team decided to rebrand to Indeed Flex to capture the brand value of Indeed, one of the most well-known staffing brands in the US. As the temporary staffing division of the largest jobs marketplace in the world, Indeed Flex taps into a network of 300 million users per week and over 5 million employers to quickly build confidence with enterprise customers.

After a soft launch in September 2020, the rebranded entity officially launched in 2022. Since the acquisition, the Indeed Flex team has helped Indeed leverage its cutting-edge HR-matching technology against a deep database of high-quality registered temporary workforce across the globe.

A New Normal 

Temp workers have also become vital to current business needs, according to Novo.

"Those taking on extra shifts, or doing temporary work for the first time are also proving to be a lifeline for businesses struggling to find enough staff to fill vacancies. Temp enables employers to fill shifts at short notice and cover staff absences while also providing vital extra support during busy periods,” he said.

For many employers, the new reality of staffing is fierce competition with a new set of options for today’s hourly workers. Post-pandemic workers are familiar with unprecedented flexibility across hospitality, industrial, warehouse, and other temporary roles. 

Indeed Flex makes it possible to dispatch temp workers to sites when they are needed. It makes the process of applying, screening, and interviewing far simpler and faster, enabling employers to fill upcoming shifts promptly, especially for simple jobs that do not require complex skills

By leaning into the Indeed Flex approach, companies can quickly staff up while meeting the requirements of the workforce as well as the changing demands of the business.

What’s Unique about Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex builds better engagement by ensuring that businesses and workers can meet on the platform. This ensures that businesses know who is available and workers have control over where and when they work. 

The platform also gives businesses the ability to rate and retain their best workers. After finding a stellar hire, Indeed Flex helps companies save time by giving them the ability to invite top performers for repeat engagements.

Indeed Flex’s matching algorithm links businesses with top-rated talent based on specific criteria and candidates are thoughtfully matched using ratings, skills, and consistency to deliver the most qualified workers.

The Solution 

“The number one thing that keeps us up at night is to be sure we're paying our workers as quickly as possible.”- Novo Constare

Indeed Flex is built with the perspective that hourly workers often pick up extra shifts to meet critical financial obligations. So speed is embedded in their ethos, from matching and filling jobs to issuing fast and reliable payments, Indeed Flex supports businesses and workers by ensuring workers are paid as quickly as possible.

Instant Access

Choose from a local marketplace of 165,000+ verified, high-quality, committed workers who have indicated shift availability, relevant skills, and work experience. 

Publish and fill jobs

Overcome last-minute fulfillment demands at speed with access to a flexible, responsive workforce. Clearly understand preferences for workers to find those that meet the criteria for specific projects. 

How does it work?

After posting a shift on Indeed Flex, companies can browse worker profiles manually or use Indeed Flex’s smart-matching tools to connect with workers who meet their criteria. Companies can also verify the identities of personnel connected via Indeed Flex and manage attendance with the Indeed Flex app. Indeed Flex also offers  Indeed Flex+ a complete workforce management solution incorporating a vendor management system (VMS) and a fully managed service for companies’ recruitment and staffing needs.

The Indeed Flex Vision for Transforming Staffing

Indeed Flex is at the forefront of meeting the demands of the modern workforce.

“Irrespective of whether they’re permanent, on contract, or temps, good staff is a precious resource and smart employers will go out of their way to ensure they keep coming back,” says Novo Constare, CEO and co-founder of Indeed Flex, an online staffing platform for temporary work. “Making temporary workers feel part of the company begins right from the outset, with someone welcoming them to the premises and providing a thorough introduction with an outline of how the day will be structured, including any lunch breaks, providing directions to the toilets and cloakroom, and giving health and safety instructions.”

Indeed Flex is expanding to the U.S. market and growing further in the UK, where its former company, Syft, has been available since 2015. In the United States, where there were 9.03 million job openings as of December 2023, remaining higher than pre-pandemic levels. Indeed Flex is expected to play a big role in closing the gap between temporary job seekers and unfulfilled positions. 

With its philosophy of transparency for all parties in the hiring process and providing a well-thought-out experience for workers, Indeed Flex will undoubtedly continue its amazing growth trajectory serving as an example of the power of innovation and focus in the staffing industry amidst shifting preferences and rapid technological advancements.

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