Tony Braswell

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Tony Braswell
Founder & CEO
Gale Healthcare

Gale Healthcare employs over 65,000 healthcare professionals across the US - matching available clinicians to healthcare organizations in need of staff with the Gale App. Gale Healthcare was the first to build a tech-based, 2-sided marketplace that provides staffing, credentialing and same day payroll solutions for the Long Term Care, Acute, and Travel industries in 40 states nationwide.

The Origin Story

Named in honor of Florence Nightingale, Gale is on a mission to change nursing to meet the needs of the modern work landscape. Nurses are working short-staffed and people are going without care. Gale empowers nurses with better control of their schedule, same-day pay, and direct access to open shifts in their area. Gale facilities secure the staff they need by connecting them to our growing family of qualified nursing professionals — and we do it all with one goal in mind: To ensure that no person goes without care.

Gale Healthcare was founded by Tony Braswell. He launched the company in 2016 after working in the healthcare staffing industry for 25 years. Braswell saw the limitations of traditional staffing methods and the impact of the nursing shortage, so he aimed to leverage technology to create a more efficient solution. 

“I founded Gale Healthcare Solutions to help solve one of this country’s most serious problems – a shortage of nurses to provide quality care. I believe technology, combined with a patient and nurse-centric mindset, is the solution,”

- Tony Braswell, President and Founder of Gale Healthcare Solutions.

Gale Healthcare now has operations spanning 40 states, employing nearly 65,000 clinicians to support thousands of healthcare providers with per diem staffing needs. 

What’s Unique for Gale

Gale uniquely positions itself as a leader in technology, fast pay options, and industry knowledge.

  • Technology-driven platform: Their mobile app allows for a quicker and more streamlined process for both nurses and facilities. Nurses can easily find open shifts and facilities can efficiently fill those shifts. 
  • Focus on same-day pay: Nurses can access their pay daily, which can be a significant advantage compared to traditional staffing models with longer pay cycles. 
  • Industry expertise: Gale has extensive experience in healthcare staffing, allowing them to understand the specific needs of both nurses and facilities. 
  • Focus on quality care: Gale emphasizes connecting facilities with qualified nurses to ensure quality patient care.

In addition to the above, Gale stands out in how they support clinicians on their platform. Gale healthcare providers are eligible for a host of benefits such as medical, dental, and vision health insurance after working as a clinician on the platform for a year.

The Solution 

With a network of more than 250,000 clinicians nationally, Gale also supports healthcare providers through contract and permanent placement options. They provide solutions for healthcare facilities and nurses and caregivers. : They address the nursing shortage by connecting nurses and caregivers with healthcare facilities that need staffing help. They have an app that allows nurses to see open shifts and facilities to fill those shifts. 

Gale Healthcare targets two main audiences within the healthcare industry:

  1. Healthcare Facilities: These include long-term care facilities like nursing homes and assisted living centers. Gale's service helps them address staffing shortages by connecting them with qualified nurses and nurse aides.

  2. Nurses and Caregivers: Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aides can find open shifts and connect with facilities through Gale's app. This allows them more flexibility in scheduling and faster access to pay.

For healthcare facilities

Gale enables the ability to quickly fill open shifts. By connecting open shift needs to their large network of available nurses and caregivers in specific regions, facility managers save time and reduce costs. The Gale App fills open shifts within seconds – providing consistent staff coverage, improving overall efficiency, and helping to ensure that patient care needs are met at all times. 

Since Gale allows nurses and caregivers to provide credentials and verification documents on their platform, healthcare facilities can streamline onboarding and compliance processes. 

Every nurse is fully credentialed, with documents stored in a secure digital library, and that facilities can immediately access via the Gale app.

For nurses and caregivers 

Gale supports healthcare professionals searching for full-time work and those who pick up extra shifts on demand. Gale works with a wide variety of facilities nationwide, so caregivers and nurses have the flexibility to pursue hundreds of open shifts in any region. 

Healthcare providers are paid daily after every shift to ensure clinicians receive compensation in a timely manner. Gale supports a range of healthcare providers, from those who travel to those who are seeking permanent placement options.

How Gale Contributes to the Future of Staffing

Gale’s focus on flexibility for nurses goes beyond creating a better experience for nurses. By enabling them to pick up shifts on-demand and building solutions for flexibility, Gale provides better outcomes for patients. 

Due to this focus, Gale sees a potential for better nurse-facility matching. While Gale has focused their innovation on the healthcare provider’s experience by building solutions for same-day pay, Gale has also developed technology to make faster matches on the platform. 

Making faster matches helps healthcare facilities save time and reduce costs. Gale will continue to build a platform that accelerates hiring for facility managers without compromising the quality of the care provided.

By investing in technology to bolster the platform to build on initial innovations around the speed of pay and matching, Gale Healthcare will sustain its leadership in healthcare staffing. 

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