API World 2017’s Hackathon is a wrap. Jeez it was fun.

65 teams formed during the week-end. 21 teams started working on HyperTrack's challenge. 10 managed to pitch with a complete demo. Here’s a review of our top 3, starting with our winner:

BikeShare - peer-to-peer bike sharing

These five 2nd-year students from the National University of Singapore absolutely killed it. They had the best working prototype, best presentation and were the quickest to post their code to GitHub.

Not to mention that they worked on a useful project, making it easier for bikers to share their bikes with each other. Using BikeShare, any bike owner can make her bike available to others at a chosen price. The only requirement is to use a smart lock. Bikes can then be rented by others on the platform.

The BikeShare team used the biker's last recorded location to know where the bike was left at. The nearby API was used to retrieve a list of the closest bikes. Live order tracking view enabled bike owners - whether an indivual or professional - to track the path of their bikes. Finally, HyperTrack's geofencing API was used to prevent riders from going to too far or in directions different from what they had initially commited to. Amazing work in such a short amount of time. The demo is available here.

Thanks and congrats again Nikolas Lee, Ashraf Omar, Ricky Xu, Praveer Tewari and Tham Shi Yuan for winning the $5,000 prize.

Augmento - time travel with AR paths

The Augmento team constituted a one man army: Ed. Ed managed to create an AR app allowing you, as you are walking on a path, to see social posts (Twitter, etc.) from people who walked the same path before you. Pretty awesome. Check it out here.

Remotely - secure access to home

Remotely enables anytime/anywhere verification of service providers entering your house. HyperTrack's geofencing API was used to make sure the service provider is actually by the house before sending a one-time password for the electronic door lock. Watch the demo here.

Other entries (in alphabetical order)

ChatBlob - hyperlocal solution for better travel experiences
Doorstep - online signature service for remote deliveries
GeoCash - Mint with location
GetMoving - health coach
LocaMe - rescue effort coordination tool
Thrift Shopper App - know what’s in stores near you
Wedding Crashers - tool for wedding planners

Can’t wait to do this again very soon. Until then, happy hacking.