Today, more HyperTrack features are coming your way! Check out the details below and don’t forget to tell us what we should build to make your life easier.


💼 APIs: Create, manage, and track Trips

The new Trips API is now live! You can specify a destination and get the estimated route and time to a destination that updates in real-time as the device moves. Starting trips couldn't be easier:

cURL request for trip creation

You will also receive webhooks for arrival and exit at the destination, and a trip summary after you end the trip!


🔗 Views: Short URLs for live location and trips

The public URL to share live location and trips with end-users is now just 23 characters! As described in our new views reference, you can also get the tracking URL through our Webhooks and APIs:

Webhook/API JSON payload for view URLs

Go ahead and add this to your texts and notifications to end-users. They will be able to track through a mobile web friendly experience with no additional authentication required!


💬 Dashboard: Chat with us in real-time

We are now just one click and one message away from right inside the HyperTrack dashboard:

Accessing the live support feature

If you have any questions about building your use case with HyperTrack, or any other support request, just look up the right top corner of your dashboard, hit the conversation button, write us a message and kaboom!

We’d love to hear what you think: cast your vote or submit a new feature request on our product board 🙂