Improved capabilities and better integration experiences are coming your way! This week, we rolled out the following updates to our APIs:

📲 Review device status

Understanding the state of tracked devices is now simpler than ever.

Devices API Response with activity stop and all possible battery states

When the device is active, you get the last activity with the time it was recorded on the device. When the device is inactive, you get a list of enumerated reasons whether it happened due to permissions, settings, programmatic or something else. Besides active and inactive, the device might be disconnected from our platform unexpectedly.

Battery information is captured in the battery property, which can take one of 3 values (low, charging, or normal).

🗑️ Remove unused devices

Setting up test devices and replacing workers’ phones can create a long list of devices, many of which are not of interest anymore. To make your list more manageable, we added a feature to remove devices from your dashboard.

New Remove device button on the single device view

Now, we are releasing our new DELETE /devices/{device_id} endpoint to accomplish exactly that programmatically. With that, you can keep your device list in sync at all times.

✅ Resolve API errors quickly

Getting stuck during the integration is frustrating. Bad error messages elevate that experience. To avoid that, we are adopting the RFC 7807 standard for HTTP error message handling!

Trip API: Error response with wrong GeoJSON type

Not only will we pinpoint exactly what causes the error (up to the specific property), we also link to our HTTP Error documentation that explains potential causes and suggests actions to resolve. Even better, for requests that require a JSON body, we provide validators for you to make troubleshooting as easy as possible.

👟 Use our Postman collection

Why read the docs if you can jump right into the action? To experiment with our APIs quickly, we added the Run in Postman button to our documentation.

Run in Postman button next to each endpoint description

With our Postman Collection, you can easily set up authentication, make API calls to all of our available endpoints, and generate source code snippets of the requests for the language of your choice.

Let us know what you think and don't forget to cast your vote on our feature request board!