If you can live track your $5 ride turn-by-turn, why should it be hard to track other things of value? Where’s my Ethiopian food order, or my kid’s school bus, or my prescription meds, or the 2:30 pm plumber appointment, or the same day courier delivery that I paid extra bucks for?

HyperTrack share view: Live tracking experience

Businesses delivering products and services to customers within time-critical windows have started using apps for their mobile workforce to manage their work. Now, these apps need to become location-aware like those ride-sharing apps. It’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Read on to track your first trip in minutes!

Track your first Trip in under 10 min

Step 1

Add one of our SDK to your work app and start tracking immediately.

You will see your newly tracked device showing up on the dashboard. Click on the location dot to open the device detail page (https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/devices/<device_id>).

Copy the Device ID from the URL for step 2.

Step 2

Create a Trip going to the customer’s location using the Trips API.

Don't like cURL? Use this Postman Collection

The Trips API responds with a shareable tracking URL: views.share_url. Copy it for step 3.

Step 3

Share the tracking link (similar to https://trck.at/abcxyz) with the customer and start driving towards the destination.

The share view of an ongoing trip

Oh and there’s more...

Embed view

HyperTrack share view tracking experience

You can embed the desktop-friendly view of the tracking experience in your operations and customer support dashboards!


Webhook payload

You can use webhooks to get notified about starts, delays, arrivals, exits, completions, device updates.

HyperTrack Live sample app

You can use our open-sourced location sharing sample app (“Live”) to take a closer look at the integration or to start building your own work app: iOS / Android.

Now tell us what more you want

Add feature requests to our public board, hit the chat button on the dashboard, and more importantly: Build awesome location-aware apps!